5 E-Learning Trends That Will Shape the New normal Education system in 2020


E-learning is now not about watching informational tutorials on the internet but it is upgrading itself with new trends and also in the year 2020, Online learning became the only source of providing education to students because of Covid-19. With the end number of benefits Elearning also has some problems to solve. E-learning has to be the most interactive platform to make students learn because of the distractions and downsides of the internet. To grab the opportunity of taking the market share of the Elearning platform now is the time for entrepreneurs to come up with a more efficient and creative platform to help students. Our team of professionals created ExpertPlus an udemy clone script to help entrepreneurs for creating their eLearning Platform. 

Let’s discuss the 5 eLearning Trends That Will Shape the New normal Education system in 2020

  • Personalization 

Personalization is the new trend of this era, Brands who are collaborating their services and products with personalizations are gaining more market share. Combining e-learning platforms with personalization will be the big thing in the near future. With this trend, Every student will get their personalized learning tracks. Along with that personalization makes the platform more interactive and effective in gaining more interests. With the help of ExpertPlus, A learning management system you will be able to create your platform at ease with personalization. 

  • Ai Based Learning 

Artificial intelligence is the technology that students are looking for in learning platforms and this is the trend that will see the higher boom in e-learning platforms all around the globe. Artificial intelligence is the best way of enhancing the user experience on e-learning platforms.

  • Content-focused platform

When you are using trends like personalization then it becomes necessary to have high-quality content. It doesn’t mean having expensive tutors but it means having course content that is favorable to your targeted group. You can have a learning platform that can have highly interactive content like games-based learning, more customized practice sessions, More creative ways of having a discussion forum. 

  • VR Based Learning 

VR Based learning is most popular in online learning and it will be the most popular feature among students. Also, parents see these types of new technologies as good on the internet as a source of learning. VR delivers the best in class education with fun. Also, it helps students to experience situations that they can’t in reality and access to these types of simulations make the platform more successful. With ExpertPlus you are not only getting the topnotch script but also you are taking our team of professionals on your side who will do everything to make your platform more effective and fully functional with these new technologies. 

  • Better Assessments

We have the major challenge of examination in education. Not only in elearning but also traditional learning. We only test their memory, not their efficiency. And Elearning it is more challenging because it’s not a fair assessment because for the sake of getting course completion students can cheat easily. But why do they have to cheat if they get proper and interactive learning and assessment can also be interactive with collaboration of creativity and technology. This can be new trend in education system. 

With the help of ExpertPlus you can start your online venture at ease with more important managerial and application features. By combining your education development skills and our technical expertise, We can create a platform where students of this century get what they deserve. You can try our free package of online training software today and don’t forget to go through of all the features of ExpertPlus at https://www.bsetec.com/udemy-clone/ 

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