5 myths surrounding Freelance Technologies in 2020


Freelancing is always considered as an unstable and temporary way of income. The reality is often overshadowed by the myths that originate out of nowhere. The truth is that freelancing gives you a lot of time for yourself and breaks the monotonous cycle that we have in a 9 to 5 job. People are also not comfortable with freelance bidding websites because of the myths again, which acts as a barrier to entry. However, a popular freelance marketplace, such as Upwork, Elance and Freelancer.com, could get great user base because of the services that are offered.

Let’s quickly look into five common myths that we hear about freelancing:

  1. Freelancing requires investment: To correct the sentence, starting up a company or turning out to be an entrepreneur requires investment. Freelancing would not require any investment except if you would like to subscribe for a premium membership on a freelance website.
  2. No assurance in getting paid: If you choose to work in a freelance job that says non-paid internship, it is clear that you don’t get paid. Apart from such a scenario, every freelance job comes with the respective payment fixed by the client company. Also, freelance websites have a separate team to look after the issues related to pending payments. Most freelance websites created using freelancer clone contain escrow management to manage the payment related operations. The freelancer can retrieve their money from their accounts whenever they want.
  3. Clients are forced to pay regardless of the quality of work: This is highly a false statement as the clients have the freedom to choose the freelancer and the same applies to the freelancers as well. Also, only when the client is completely satisfied with the work, can they pay the freelancer, till then they may request for modifications. Often, these are written rules given clearly in the user policy. Also, the intermediary, that is, the freelance market place ensures that the payment is made exactly as discussed.
  4. Not as genuine as face-to-face deals: We are living in a world where technology is dominating in a good way. Thanks to technology and the internet, we can save money spent on flight fares and other expenses associated with travel. We can contact anyone in the world through video conferencing platforms and negotiate with them through emails, instant messaging and online video meetings. So, we can get the same feel as though we are discussing with the clients in real-time.
  5. Gig economy would replace traditional jobs: It is visible that many people are engaging in the side hustle or freelancing, but this doesn’t mean that the entire world will have only freelancing as the only way to earn. A study by the Upwork and Freelancers Union has predicted that the majority of the workforce will be freelancers by 2027. This doesn’t mean that there will be no more day jobs. However, there will be more freelancers who will also engage in other activities. It depends on the type of jobs and concluding that the freelancers will overtake traditional workers is not exactly right.

To conclude, freelancing is just one of the ways to earn efficiently and it attracts a great population with the benefits such as flexibility of work, time and location. Also, you can freelance for more than one client at the same time, which increases the possibility to earn better and gain more experience in a short time. If you want to serve as a platform for the freelancers, you can use upwork clone script or any freelance workplace clone such as Network Plus to create one. Network Plus is a readymade upwork clone that can be used to create a lookalike app of upwork, holding the same features and an option to customise the app the way you want. Break these myths and become one of the popular freelancing bidding websites today!

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