7 Best Strategies to Create a Successful App like Instagram: Feature, Cost, Time


Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps, used widely by people from all over the world. There are various reasons why the platform has gained popularity in such a short time. One of the main reasons is that the app has highly engaging and user-friendly features. The recent features include the reels and AR filters which have attracted a wide variety of audiences. India is ranked second after the US in the leading countries to have the most number of Instagram users with over 100 million users, according to statista. It also predicts that the number of smartphone users would reach 3 billion by the end of 2020 which makes it obvious that the number of Instagram users would also increase exponentially.

Basic features of the Instagram app include:

  • Login: The new users can easily create an account using their E-mail IDs or Facebook account.
  • Profile: Personalised profile consists of personal details or bio, email address etc.,
  • Search option: The users can search for the users using their names or even scan using QR codes
  • Heart and comments: If the user like a certain post, they can like by double tapping and comment below the post.
  • Messaging: Direct messaging is one of the important features of Instagram that helps in contacting the users and to share photos and videos privately.
  • Photo and video editing: the In-built photo and video editor is the MVP for the app as it gives a professional touch to the pictures and videos.
  • Android and iOS: The app available for android as well as iOS users.

Cost to develop an app like Instagram:

The cost to develop an app similar to Instagram differs based on the method that you use. It also depends on the number of features, customisation and other services rendered by the developers.

Usually, the amount is calculated based on the development hours and the payment for the developer. 

According to a report by freecodecamp.org, it would take about 390-600 hours to develop the app excluding the backend process. So the development cost for android or iOS itself amounts to nearly $12800 to $22400.

However, by using Instagram clone script, additional costs can be minimised. For instance, Bsetec has come up with Instasocial Instagram clone which offers a demo app and trial version for free. The time taken to launch the app in the stores is also very less compared to developing the app from scratch.

Here are 7 best strategies that you should follow to develop an app like Instagram

  1. Define your objectives: You may have an idea on what the app is all about but it is important to identify the purpose of creating the app. So have your objectives clearly and also have the unique selling proposition.
  2. Do short research: Study how the app has impacted the users and how beneficial it is. Do a comparative study on the competitors to understand the appeals and strategies used in designing the app.
  3. Decide on the features that you want to use. Make sure that the basic features are available before introducing something new.
  4. Choose a suitable script: Creating an app from scratch requires a lot of work and also involves a huge investment of money and time. A better alternative is an Instagram clone PHP script like InstaSocial which offers all the features that you look for in a photo-sharing app like Instagram.
  5. Make sure that your app is available for both Android as well as iOS users.
  6. Launch the app and make sure that the script that you use is white labelled. When created using Instasocial Instagram clone, you don’t have to worry about that as the script has been specially designed and is a hundred per cent safe source to develop a social media app like Instagram.
  7. Promote the app by explaining how your app is different from other similar platforms. Besides the organic reach, your app can gain popularity through advertisements and promotion.

Let’s look at some of the features offered by Instasocial Instagram clone script that can boost your app

  1. Material Design: The app is designed to suit the theme and give an immersive experience for the users, enhancing their creativity and giving a platform to improve their skills.
  2. XCode: The app supports iOS and OSX, which means that the users can also access the app from their Apple watches.
  3. ADMOB: One of the easiest ways to earn through Instagram is through advertisements as the users avail the service for free of cost.
  4. Firebase Analytics: This feature lets the admin have a look at the insights on how the users are utilising the app.
  5. Push notifications: The user can receive notification for various reasons and would not miss out on anything.
  6. Follow: The users can follow any number of users and also they get more followers either from their circle or those who are interested in the posts published by them.
  7. Video/image effects and filters: Photos can be edited and in-built filters can be added to enhance the look and feel. Also, videos can be trimmed and sound can be removed if not required.
  8. Signal Sign-in: The users do not have to enter their credentials every time and they can just login using their Facebook account.
  9. Discover User: Users can discover users through the search option and they can further skim through the profile to see the previous posts. 
  10. Android Studio: The app is created using the latest version of Android Studio with the help of Java. And the app is targeted for the latest version of Android though it can be downloaded on any version of Android Phones.

Take away

Creating an app similar to Instagram is not a herculean task as it was way back when the app first came into the scene as Burbn. Perhaps, after the app was acquired by Facebook, the users have tremendously increased with the constant updates in the features. In the same way, you have to make sure that you cater to the needs of users who always look for more fun and more entertainment that cannot be experienced in reality. 

Create the app using the Instagram clone and make sure to add in various elements to suit your theme. 

This can attract a lot of people who look for a diverse platform to share, learn about other places and culture and also promote their businesses.

Hence, to get the best Instagram clone script for your new app, check out Instasocial today.



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