Are You Ready to Make an Innovative Food Ordering and Delivery Application?

Food Ordering and Delivery System

In our earlier days, we never think of mobile as everything needs to be done manually.  Great effort and much time will be spent to do our needs. We never expect that with the development of technologies, our life becomes truly simple and easy going. All our requirements can be done within a second with the help of our smartphones and with its amazing applications. Moreover, booking tickets, reserving tickets, ordering our daily needs starting from cap to our running shoes, everything can be done with commercial apps make us lead super easy life. Now the same formula has been followed for food delivering process.  Managing customer request with full effort has become out-dated with the arrival of FOODPLUS. FOODPLUS is one of the innovative products of BSEtec, designed with several new features that simplify the process of delivery and food order.  Numerous restaurants owners will be looking for an innovative way to enhance their online food delivery business. Therefore, Food plus, offers you a variety of service that makes you manage all your restaurants activities and track your customer order list in a simplest method. Let us have a detailed view of its features:

  • Branch Management: The registered restaurant owner can manage multiple restaurant tasks on a single platform. They can manage the dashers; customer food order list; menu list; track dasher status towards the delivery; manage restaurants items, etc.
  • Order list management: With the help of Food plus application owners can manage their order information by tracking based on individual or multiple branches. Moreover, they can able to track customer detail; location; landmark; amount; payment method etc.
  • Review tracking: This app help owner to view customers feedback and reviews in order to enhance their business. However, every feedback, comment, reviews and rating will be automatically registered in Review page enables owners to view their business improvisation.
  • Job posting: This is the main attraction towards Food plus application. This app allows restaurant owners to manage and schedule their search of Dasher in schedule page. They can post a job for food delivery by providing all the information about the job. This page contains date and time of delivery; a number of dashers required; location of the customer; etc. similarly, Dashers can apply to these jobs if they suit with their preferable expectation. They can leave comments if they need some changes in their posted jobs.
  • Dasher Management: Owners can be allowed to view every Dasher’s profile and their private information for security purpose. They can view their previous order with the help of reviews and ratings before approving or rejecting them. Moreover, owners are allowed to track their Dasher status and can easily update the customer with the current status of their delivery.
  • Communicative portal: Food plus offers a very interactive platform for the restaurant owners and Dashers. They can communicate with each other in order to get information about the orders. However, they cannot interact in direct, they have to leave comments in the “Comment Field??? and both have the possibility to view those.
  • Notifications: Restaurant owners can be notified by an email if any changes done by the dashers or any request made by them. This will give both of you’re a clear view of the delivery.
  • Delivery management: Dashers are allowed to “Go Online??? in order to be visible to the owners. This can help them to inform owners if any delay is going to happen. Therefore, owners can inform their customer about the delay and make them not to wait for a long time without any clue. After delivering the items at customer doorsteps, dasher will receive the commission of their delivery service.

FOODPLUS is well designed with fully responsive. Therefore, it can adjust with all the devices like mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop.  Manage your restaurant’s activities in a most effective way with FoodPlus app. FoodPlus is available in both operating system iOS and Android. You can download the app now from your play store and grab your online customers. Visit: for more information.

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