How Is Artificial Intelligence Used in Real Estate?


Artificial Intelligence is infiltrating every industrial sector at quite a rapid pace. Leading to innumerable benefits, it’s no wonder why big industries and companies are incorporating AI into their business model. Artificial Intelligence in real estate is slowly taking over the entire marketplace due to its promising future ahead, that can improve the growth and position of the company drastically. AI has become a buzzword in the real-estate market and is thrown around way too often. AI has a very tangible impact on the real-estate industry which is a sector well-known to be slow to adopt innovations. Implementation of an AI or Machine learning based software can spectacularly transform your approach towards the same customer. You can get instant results about available houses in real-time by putting in dozens of search criteria. Moreover, you can offer personalized property listings before the customer even turns to you. You don’t need to spend hours on manual research, in fact- learning about life events, such as the customer’s birthday, you can send the automated message sequence. With Artificial Intelligence, half the job is done. 

Indeed, it is worth pursuing the AI-powered software in the real estate sector. This is why many entrepreneurs and businessmen are looking forward to creating their own real-estate apps, like Zillow and Trulia and incorporate AI in it. 

However, development of a real estate app or website from scratch can be really time consuming as well as money draining. Furthermore, if you are thinking of implementing AI as well, it might just put you in a huge debt. But thanks to real estate Trulia and Zillow clone scripts by BSEtec– called Asset Plus. It helps you build your dream real estate platform for your clients and also is compatible for the incorporation of AI.


How to Use AI in Real Estate?

Artificial Intelligence is a booming field in the Real Estate business. It is beneficial in the following ways-

  • Improving home search for clients– ‘Home search’ sitting at the comfort of your homes has never been this convenient. By setting a bunch of parameters, potential clients can view the exact property they are soughting after.
  • Property recommendation based on customer preferences– The self learning AI algorithm reads the customers behaviors through his past purchases or by his search preferences. This is how in the recommendations, they will see the advertisements of such properties that would interest them
  • Improving lead generation and marketing– AI enabled chatbots are collecting customer data seamlessly and it doesn’t even occur to be desperate for the customer to even share their personal data. 
  • Predict property market value– AI can be used to predict the future market value of a place as it has the ability to analyze the patterns through a vast amount of Data. No human analyst can do that kind of a deduction which Artificial Intelligence supposedly can manage to generate.
  • Property Management– Rentals, Property Listings, Requests for Maintenance, Tenant applications, etc. can be tracked in the Real estate business using AI software. The results of the tracking helps to identify the purchase patterns, seasonal availability and price trends in certain places. 



So if you are excited to implement Artificial Intelligence in real estate development or you are thinking of building an app using our Asset Plus clone script- then don’t wait! Catch up with us today!


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