Asset Plus An Advanced real estate app for a realtor

Asset Plus An Advanced real estate app for a realtor.

Real estate business is one of the areas where an app can be a great tool. Right from searching for the right property till renting it out or selling it out, real estate app is really helpful as it does not require manual work, it is all automated. To create an app for aiding users to find property, rent or sell, real estate app, a good script is required which should also contain all necessary features such as map-based search, mark searches for future use, bid management and so on.

To meet all these needs, asset plus Trulia clone can be used, it is a real estate PHP script that is similar to Zillow clone. The only player in the real estate online app is Trulia, which gives business enthusiasts and real estate owners a great opportunity to become a healthy competitor and an alternative for that platform. You can use this property listing script after checking out the live demo from BSEtec’s website.

You can create an online realtor website or app with exciting features and responsive design that lets the users downloads the app from any of their smart phones or tablet. As a well-built and error-free app, your realtor app created using asset plus would guide the users in a better way. With its easy navigation and accessibility options. Users can subscribe to a premium membership which is likely to boost your business by multiple times.

One of the best features of the asset plus Trulia clone is advanced Search which lets the users filter and searches based on their needs. Another feature is the guide which interacts with the users to help them out in real-time. Appraisal calculators are the next set of attractive feature built in the app. With all these advanced features, you can easily create a real estate website or application. Choose asset plus and witness the exponential growth in your business today.

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