Aware of Android Oreo? Let’s get around with its features

Android 8.0 - Nov - 15

What is Android Oreo? Hearing the word Android Oreo, many questions comes to our mind. Like what is it, How it works, what are the features? Below you will find answers for all your questions.

Android Oreo is an eighth version of Operation system for our Android mobiles. Its preview has been released in May, 2017 and legally published in August 21, 2017. Many changes have been brought in their features. Google introduces numerous features to simplify mobile accessibility and clear cut view for the users.  Changers are made in UI visualisation. Here are the features developed in Android Oreo 8.0 version.

Features of new version:

Icon Looks: Icons can be set in various shapes according to your choses. These changes will be in effect to overall icons. Looks cannot be implemented only for one Icon.

Notification Channels: Notification can be customize by our own. We can avoid any kind of unnecessary notifications, which are not interesting for us. We can slab those notifications from following applications.

Notification Dots: If you are getting N number of notifications, you have to drag and see all the notification to see the required notification. Now you can change your way of seeing it. There exists a Dot in the right top corner of the app.  Clicking this Dot will give you detailed notification or messages came for a particular app.

Snoozing:  Sometime we will be very busy in doing our work. Notifications may distract our concentration. “Snoozing??? option will enable us to snooze the notifications so that we will never get notifications for 15 minutes, 30 minute or for an hour.

Notification Colours:  If we are using an app with theme colour, this feature will take that theme colour and display the notifications in the same colour. This will enhance the visual of the application.

Accessibility: Settings are made with separate option for each feature to simplify the accessibility. User can easily access these options. No more complications for locating the features in Settings. Picture-in-Picture mode: In old version, we cannot shorten up one app and access another app at a same time. But with Picture-in-Picture mode, we can still continue our first task and access another app simultaneously.

Smart Text Selection: This feature is really very useful for the users. If you are selecting an address, smart text selection feature will lead you to Google maps and show you where the address is locating or if you are selecting an phone number, a diaper Pad will automatically pop up for your convenience.

Point & Capture: Mouse motions can be captures through this feature. For the creation of Gaming applications, this app will be very helpful.

Google Play Protect: This feature is built for the security process. This will continuously scan all the apps simultaneously. Moreover it will scan all the apps which are already installed in our Mobile. This will reduce all the malwares in our Mobiles.

New Emojis: Many new creative emojis has been introduces to give more effects to our text.

Implementation: This operating system will be effective only in some mobiles. Like Google Pixel/Pixel –X, Nexus 6P/5S,Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/Note8/S7/S7 H/S6/S6 H/S6 H+, LG V30/V20/G5/G6, HTC U11/U10, Sony Xperia XZ premier/XZs, One + 5/3/3T, Nokia 6/5/3.

Conclusion:  Android Oreo 8.0 version will bring a revolution in Mobile world. It will be the most advanced OS for the near future. Experience the Android Oreo, fell the changes in you.

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