Best Practices to choose a School Management Software


A school’s management system, plays a vital role in the smooth running of the school, by bridging the gap between the school, students, parents and teaching faculty. From having accurate information on staff and teachers’ salary, student attendance, student grades, term fee payment, keeping track of the strength of each class or department etc., It’s a practical and feasible option, for both large and small institutions, reducing the weight of physical work, leaving no space for errors and disorder, making day-to-day functioning of the school so much easier.

You can select the best school management software by checking the must-have features we have given below:

  1. Attendance registry: By keeping track of the attendance, parents will immediately be notified if their child is not present.
  2. Timetable generation: A clear table with the subjects that are going to be dealt with each day will be displayed so students don’t leave books behind or carry extra baggage.
  3. Homework: Parents will be sent a message every school day, with details of their child’s homework.
  4. Announcement of important events: Events like sports day, the timings, PTA meetings will all be sent through e-invites or messages, so parents don’t miss out and be involved in the happenings of the school.
  5. Grades and reports: The students’ grades will be available when the student logs in, parents can compare previous grades and extra-curricular activities and know their child’s performance and give feedback to the school and to the teachers.
  6. Transport tracker: Parents can track the real-time location of the schools bus or van and ensure their child’s safety and the school can keep track of the routes taken, the stops, the drivers, etc.,
  7. Others: The app should also manage e-books, library hours tracking, cafeteria, hostel/accommodation, placement and recruitment etc.,

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