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The real estate sector has undergone remarkable changes in the past decade. New innovations in this sector has pushed it to new zeniths. Real estate, though a big hassle, is a good place to invest owing to its high returns. What we are now looking at are transparency in deals, access to myriad properties and favourable tax incentives. You can find all this at one place i.e., at our real estate script, AssetPlus.

Finding flats, villas, condos, country houses, cottages, individual properties and office spaces can be done through just a few scrolls on your phone. Supposedly you want an apartment on the last floor with advantages like low noise level and a breathtaking view of the city, all you need to do is type and our app will filter out the results for you. Our property listing script has all details of property like the size, type, location, rent and duration of the rental agreement, residential/commercial, previous owners of property etc.,

Our bootstrap 4 real estate template is the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework which makes the website fast, sleek and highly responsive. It makes it easy for realtors, buyers and renters to navigate easily through the app. With a bootstrap real estate template, you can change the colour of different sections of the website. It can be background or icons. You can also alter the font and the size of the font. This helps the users feel comfortable while navigating through your site. You can also store info on your cloud. And not only this, you can upload videos with adjustable ratio, playback feature and other settings. You can also change the layout, thus making the app, tailor-made and unique.

Our Real Estate PHP script also has features like Lead management, Bid management, mortgage calculator etc., For more particulars, reach us at

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