BSETEC participated in iOS App Accelerator

BSETEC participating in iOS App Accelerator

iOS 12 and Siri Shortcut:
As we are coming nearer to the new iPhone launch which mostly happens in September every year, we come nearer to the launch of iOS 12, where the way we interact with our iphones will change.
To walk up side-by-side of the new iOS version and provide the best to our app user’s, we attended, Apple’s App Accelerator Bengaluru: @ 7th Aug, 2018
Where we learned how to make our apps future ready with the upcoming technology in Apple’s eco-system.

Welcome Siri Shotcuts:
When I said, “the way we interact with our phone will change”, I meant that and that is where “Siri Shortcuts” come. There are many times we struggle to use our phone while our hands are filled with something else. Say you are getting ready for office and also you need to order your favourite breakfast from your regular restaurant, and want it to get delivered in your office by the time you reach there.
Now you have find the app, go into it, search the restaurant, find the dish in the menu, the order it. Right?, Nope, not with Siri Shortcut implemented in our app for iOS 12. Just wake up siri, and say “Order my breakfast” or “Order my breakfast in office”, nd confirm by saying “Yes”, Swoooosh…, your breakfast waiting for you in the office, and without even opening the app.

Another way you can interact with is just say “Breakfast menu” and can see the menu of breakfast in your favourite restaurant, inside the app the shortcut is setted for.

But wait how? How am I ordering that specific breakfast I like from the restaurant I eat, just by saying that? Well it will happen only after you set to make it happen. In iOS 12 if the app is setup with siri shoutcut, you can then go into the app and see a button called “Add a Shortcut”, for every specific action end action you want to perform in your voice command, after tapping register the recommended sentence, or use any thing you want.

What if I have a same Shortcut sentence for performing some other task? Well it may happen, that you want to set the a sentence which you previously setted for another task, then Siri will inform you that the shortcut you are trying to use is in use, and you need to set some thing else. Or you can just delete the previous one set a new task to the shortcut.

What about privacy?
Well as it is apple, privacy is something not to worry about apple only expose a little interface to take care of the work the app need to perform. All private data of user will be inside user’s device and will not be shared with the developer.

With the introduction of shortcuts a whole range of interaction with the user got opened, and in BSETEC we are more than ready to give our user that premium experience as soon as iOS 12 launches.

So what do you want to ask Siri today? ­čśÇ

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