Challenges with Current Freelance Marketplace Platforms & How to Overcome Them?

challenges in freelancing platform 2021


With the world undergoing rapid technological developments, digitalization has become an integral part of the millennial lifestyle. From shopping, education to work– everything has been made available online. Furthermore, with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people lost their jobs and some just shifted from their daily 9 to 5s to becoming their own boss. This has significantly given rise to the gig economy, where one gets a gig to work on and gets paid for that particular work by the employer. The platforms that connect freelancers and job seekers with their potential recruiters and clients are called freelance marketplaces. Some of the biggest freelancing platforms are Upwork, PeoplePerHour and Fiverr. Many companies are investing in creating such platforms with the help of Freelancing Clone Scripts– like the feature-rich Upwork Clone called Network Plus. It is a highly customizable and SEO friendly script that will help your business go online within a matter of days!

However, there are some significant challenges in freelancing platforms that are being faced by the recruiters as well as the freelancers.

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Challenges in Freelancing Platform 2021

Some of the biggest challenges in freelance marketplace are listed down below–

  • Not choosing the correct professional– Being a contingent-based work, in freelancing jobs, the employer or enterprise needs to find a professional that can deliver the work within the deadline and the end product should meet the output expectations. So, the company has to be extra cautious while hiring a qualified candidate with a strong work ethic. 
  • High charges and additional costs– Finding the right professional freelancer in a talent marketplace can be quite tricky as there is a myriad of options available and to get the right candidate for your job may require you to take up a premium membership. Furthermore, the quoted package of the seller may not correspond to the quality or effort required to finish the assignment. What can help us to have a personalized freelance marketplace that can bypass the additional costs and hire freelancers through a more standardized procedure is by customizing your freelance platform. 
  • Fraud sellers– Having less control over their listings and service provider profiles, some freelancing platforms in the market create room for fraudulent activities. Some of the sellers in the freelance platform might not be rendering any genuine service which can often result in the employers and Freelancers getting scammed. One can delay the payment and can demand payment through unusual routes and commit Identity theft. 
  • Too many fishes in the pool– A freelancing platform can become quite overwhelming to both the seller and the recruiter for finding the professional they are looking for. Some may bid on projects that they have no experience in or are not having the adequate skills to perform tasks. This can leave the employers confused about a wide array of options to choose from and that too most of them aren’t worth the price. 

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Solutions to Overcome the Challenges in Freelancing

Building a customized freelance marketplace for your business will be a great way to connect you with highly efficient Freelancers who will give out effective outcomes. Around the world, many companies have been creating such talent marketplaces for them to achieve better results in on-demand tasks. For many businesses, the pandemic has become quite disastrous as they failed to look for talent beyond their payroll. But, hiring remote workers have truly changed the work scenario by helping your business reach new heights. 

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So, if you are looking for creating your own freelancing marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr or PeoplePerHour, then don’t hesitate to contact BSEtec– we provide tailor-made clone scripts like NetworkPlus and a variety of IT solutions that can help to transform your business into a brand.

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