Continue your communication online using Live streaming app to avoid spreading Coronavirus


Being an extrovert or an ambivert, it is hard to avoid communicating with others during the COVID-19 Pandemic. To continue your communication, one can use a live streaming app which is highly interactive and does not require physical presence for communication to take place. Such an app can be developed using live streaming scripts like Live Plus. The advantage of using a live streaming app is that it is very easy to use in the device, especially when it is powered by a high streaming server like Kurento.

Live streaming apps like bigo live, periscope can be a great tool to express oneself and also to view the activities that others have posted. It can be used as a great business tool as well. But in the current situation, many people have become mobile journalists by exposing what is happening around them, so the live streaming app can help them to express their opinions to the public. As you create one such app, you are likely to give a space for interaction and entertainment.

To create one such app, you can use Live Plus live tv streaming PHP script which is available from bsetec. You can customise the app the way you want and have a theme that you like. Also, the app can be used in any device as it has responsive design making it compatible with any screen size. To get your app, the users can download from the app store or play store for free. Check out the free demo to get an experience using the app. Users can stay at their homes and still interact with the world without any hassle using your app. Together, we can combat Covid-19 pandemic by social distancing without compromising or socialising as the live streaming platforms help us do the same virtually. Stay connected and stay safe until we get through with this problem.

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