E-Learning engagement trends 2020: 7 things to keep an eye on


E-learning trends are evolving and yet some of the old practices are extended into the digital learning environment. By doing so, the learning process will retain its originality and educators can succeed at reaching the learners and fulfilling their intent. Some of the E-learning trends have shaped the way students learn and brought about a great change in their mindset about learning.

Here are 7 major E-learning trends that remove the process of learning from the list of boring stuff:

  1. Content curation : A perfect video is incomplete without curation, especially in the E-learning videos, the narration is what helps the students to associate the visuals and the concept. The current trend in content curation is the inclusion of informational videos such as ted talks and other resources to support the relevant titles.
  1. Gamification : To make anything interesting, we need to add challenges, just like how we have challenges in the real-life and in the process of overcoming those challenges, we learn. The same concept is introduced in the E-learning which involves points, rules, rewards and so on. The whole process is about achieving the target and the knowledge gaining happens non-voluntarily.
  1. Micro-learning : It is not the quantity but the quality that matters in the end. Consider that you found a new word and want to learn the meaning, you can refer to the dictionary or use the search engine and then try to use the word from then on. But if you procrastinate, you might forget the word and the process of learning is interrupted. Micro-learning is the use of any small tool to learn just as the verbatim says. It could be an app or a piece of an infographic that you see while browsing and so on.
  1. Mobile learning : According to Statista, mobile phone users in India will exceed 660 million let alone the world. This proves that people would depend on mobile phones rather than any other device to acquire knowledge. Also, the E-learning software offers responsive designs, making it compatible with all devices. Most online training software that is created using Udemy clone script has great features and user-friendly interface to enable quick learning.
  1. Informal Learning : The ultimate purpose of E-learning is to enrich the students with the knowledge to make them ready for their niche industry. Informal learning is an unconventional form of learning which is also called Self-directed. All of us have been doing this ever since we got the internet, it ranges from a quick google search to reading through a scholarly article. Whether paid or unpaid, informal learning is something that does not require a tutor or a guide.
  1. Immersive Learning : Learning should not be a herculean task and to ease the process, the technological tools have been perfectly designed. Immersive learning is also one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century that has helped a lot in personalised and practical learning. Be it Augmented reality, virtual reality or the combination of both. E-learning has got the perfect tool to reach its goal as the students can learn everything as though they were real. This has widened the prospects of virtual learning through online classroom software.
  1. Social Learning : Social media is the topmost application used on the internet since it came into the picture. Researchers have looked into how social media can be effectively used in the learning process and as expected, it has been a great help. Websites like LinkedIn have a great userbase and beyond a just a social media forum, it acts as a market place where job seekers and various companies meet. You can also create a Lynda clone app which is a subsidiary of Linkedin. The app focuses on social learning and gives employment opportunities to users.

Which one of these trends do you think will lead in the future? Leave your answers in the comment below. To create a future-ready E-learning app, use Expert Plus, one of the best E-learning clone scripts in the market. Reach out to a large number of audience through google play or app store.

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