Evolution of Learning Management System


Technology has put into our hands a very powerful tool which facilitates effective learning – LMS. But, how and when was it invented?? LMS finds its origin way back in 1924 with a person named Sidney Pressey who came up with the first “Teaching Machine”. This was followed by the invention of the “Problem Cylinder”. By this time, it had become very popular and other systems like adaptive teaching system, desktop, TCP/IP came into existence. Though not very progressive back then, it served as a catalyst for the beginning of online education.

E-learning software like our Udemy clone provides a virtual learning environment and thereby surpasses traditional learning methods. It acts as both an informative and entertaining medium serving as the most indulging platform. It frees both the learner and the tutor from all complexities and cuts down all commuting and material costs.

The Admin can manage, distribute and track learning all within the same interface. It engages and promotes the active participation of learners and tutors worldwide through video clips, giphy’s, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. Our online tutoring software, ExpertPlus also features Laravel 5.5 framework, Forum management, internal message system, course certification with easily transferable credits etc., LMS not only finds use in the educational field but in the corporate world also. Education sees no end…. We learn new things every single day. Employees can keep learning to master their trade and build their career. So, with an open-source LMS, it is a one-time purchase. For more information take a look at our website and contact BSEtec.

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