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Microsoft Azure, professionally known as Windows Azure, is Microsoft’s communal cloud computing portal. It offers a wide range of cloud amenities, comprising those for compute, evaluation, storage, and networking. Customers can select and choose from these services to enhance and measure new applications, or track current applications, in the public cloud. Moreover, Microsoft Azure is also considered as the offering of both PAAS (Platform as a Service) and IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service).

In addition, Microsoft classifies Azure services into 11 major product types:

  1. Compute
    These services offer virtual machines, containers, group processing and remote application access.
  2. Mobile and web
    These features support the enhancement and disposition of web and mobile applications, and also provide aspects for API tracking, notification and reporting.
  3. Data storage
    This factor comprises DAAS (Database as a Service) providing for SQL and NoSQL, along with unstructured and cached cloud storage.
  4. Analytics
    These services offer scattered analytics and storage, along with real-time analytics, big data analytics, data lakes, machine learning and data warehousing.
  5. Networking
    This service comprises Virtual networks, committed connections and gateway, along with the services for traffic management, load balancing and domain name system (DNS)
  6. Media and CDN (Content Delivery Network)
    These comprise on-demand streaming, encoding and media playback and indexing.
  7. Hybrid integration
    For server backup, site recovery and connecting private and public clouds, Hybrid integration service is used.
  8. Identity and access management (IAM)
    These services ensure only authorized customers can engage Azur services, and assist prevent encryption keys and other confidential data.
  9. Internet of Things (IoT)
    It helps customers to capture, track and evaluate IoT information from sensors and other gadgets.
  10. Development
    These services assist app developers to share code, examine applications and monitor principal errors. Azure supports a wide range of app programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, .NET and Node.js.
  11. Management and security
    Management and security services assist cloud managers to achieve their Azure deployment, timing and manage works and build automation. This product collection also comprises abilities for recognizing and answering to cloud security threats.

However, these services will always change and users must get updates from the official Microsoft Azure website. Several companies are taking advantage of Azure for data backup and disaster recovery. Moreover, few organizations utilize Azure as a replacement for their own data centre. Instead of investing in local servers and storages, these enterprises prefer to run few or all their commercial apps in Microsoft Azure. Along with other public cloud providers, Azure principally uses a “pay as you go pricing model” that pay based on its usage. However, a single app may use multiple Azure services. Therefore, customers should evaluate and track usage to avoid extra charging.

Any person can take benefit of Azure. Just reach the official website of Microsoft Azure and make your registration for a new account. Each new registration comes with the credit offer of $200 and you can use this credit for the first 30 days. You also obtain a specifies the number of free services for the first year of registration, so that you can acquire the access to Linux virtual machines, Windows virtual machines, file storage, databases, and bandwidth.

As expected, all these services are truly useful to the users and organizations who need to host services or enhance their applications. The developers who build and host applications often utilize services like Azure. Besides, if you own an organization, you might be able to save your invest with the help of Azure implementation.

As Microsoft Azure in playing a vital role in the application development process, BSEtec, the leading web and mobile app developers and digital solution provider also taking advantage of this innovative platform to build or create the most selling application in the market. Azure is truly a boon for the developers to create an innovative and more accessible application easily and simply. For more information about BSEtec and to view our portfolio, visit the official website:

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