Food plus – a professionally crafted Food Delivery Clone App


There’s now a wide assortment of restaurants, unlimited delicacies and goodies, doorstep delivery and a lot more going on. Majority of the people are lazy and hungry always. How do we meet their demands and leave them satisfied?? Online food ordering system is the future of the food industry, and restaurant owners cannot surpass it any cost. As a restaurateur you need to take advantage of of this inorder to make your restaurant the talk of the town.

Our Doordash clone, on par with apps like swiggy, foodpanda, ubereats etc., is very useful you can manage your app on the go, with separate login for customers and staff. Your digitalized menu’s will give customers a clear picture of the food they order along with ingredients, nutritional value along with the preparation time. Not only this, it will also get your customers drooling with appealing and eye-catching pictures of the food. Customers can also customize their food and opt for different flavors. They don’t have to wait in line in restaurants as they can easily order with a click of their finger and can track the dashers location. Restaurateurs can use our doordash clone script to share interactive content like fun recipes, food facts etc., so people would be drawn to your site. You can also notify customers about promo deals, combos, discounts and newly added items in your menu. You can also get to know about your customer’s needs, preferences and buying patterns and can help to provide better services and address their concerns.

So to elevate and streamline your restaurant business, invest in our Online food ordering script with great features to manage customers, track dashers and filter based on cuisines etc., For more information contact BSEtec.

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