Future of Blockchain Technology in the Education Sector

Future of Blockchain Technology in the Education Sector

In the midst of the pandemic, the education sector aggressively embraced technology. This industry could undergo a change thanks to blockchain technology. Blockchain can drastically change how professors and students cooperate and handle academic data. Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology can have a positive, major impact on the education sector in terms of openness and accountability. Let’s investigate the potential impact of blockchain on education.

Decentralized eLearning Platforms

Every educational institution is centralized with management authority, which is one factor that is common to the global education sector. Smart contracts are often used in blockchains. This can assist educators in developing blockchain-based courses and lessons, exams, attendance, and assignment-related things with pre-written smart contracts. Once the prerequisites have been satisfied, the course will automatically begin teaching and can then go at its own pace. A smart contract detailing the parameters of an assignment, along with the due date and the grading deadline, might be signed by students and teachers. With blockchain technology everything is automated!

Blockchain-powered Certificates and Degrees

Since the beginning of time, when diplomas and degree certificates have been regarded as evidence of our knowledge, it has been plagued by fake diplomas and certificates from ghost universities, and occasionally fake certificates from legitimate universities used to obtain employment opportunities. However, blockchain technology can end this problem. Institutions can use blockchain to record and maintain student credentials, degrees, and certificates where each diploma or certificate is linked to a single individual and has a unique cryptographic hash. With the use of the blockchain, educational institutions may issue certificates that are immutable and impossible to fabricate while yet being simple to authenticate. 

Streamlining Fee Payments And Eliminating Transaction Costs:

The process of payment for a student’s tuition is complex since it depends on their course and if they need to pay for a dorm or a hostel. Are they choosing the bus for school? Furthermore involves a vast number of parties, including parents, charities, banks, government agencies that award scholarships, and students. With blockchain technology, Students may now fill out and mark off the options and facilities they require, and based on their preferences, dedicated smart contracts are run to manage student fee payments without involving different parties. Additionally, when an institution begins to accept payments in the form of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, additional costs are reduced. For instance, when kings college of New York city began accepting bitcoin as payment, they declared they had eliminated the 2-3% transaction fees that are imposed on the college when students use credit cards to pay tuition, as Coin.co has no transaction fees.

Cryptocurrency For Rewards

We receive scholarships, gold medals, and incentives for our exceptional work in extracurricular and curricular activities, but thanks to blockchain technology, we can also provide students with real-world rewards like bitcoins. In online educational platforms, instructors can reward their students for completing modules or other works with gamification. The gamification component of learning management systems helps to tokenize all the rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.

These are the four major ways how blockchain can disrupt the educational sector. Though we are only in the infant stages of blockchain technologies, the education sector can implement the above factors based on concerning laws and other influencing factors?! But who knows—we never anticipated that schooling would go digital. The education sector might be revolutionized by blockchain just like other industries were! With the increasing demand for blockchain development services and blockchain-based applications, blockchain in eLearning platforms is so near. Contact BSEtec for future-ready blockchain solutions and check out our robust blockchain services here.

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