HISTORY REPEATS: AR Powers up Archaeology and Tourism

History repeats

It was just before Dasara, a widely celebrated Indian festival; we visited the famous Mysore Palace. It’s a historical place and a royal residence of the king Krishnaraja Wodeyar at Mysore in the Indian State of Karnataka. We saw many foreigners too visiting the palace. Inside, as we were visiting the museum pieces and architectures, we felt this from an Information technology perspective: if there was an app or a system that can show and explain the history and speciality of everything digitally would have been a great help especially for the foreign visitors. They don’t have to rely on any tourist guides.
And one of our clients came up with one such unique requirement. He wanted to develop an interactive app that can engage tourists when they visit a historical prison. History behind and freedom fighters who have lived in should be presented to visitors as they move in to each spot of the prison. He also wanted to expand this feature to the nearby museums too.

These are few examples and application areas in Archaeology and Tourism that require some latest technology support. And that’s where augmented reality comes into play, as these technologies can bring the history hidden behind and show us digitally with the relevant information on our mobile.

What can AR do in Tourism?
Augmented Reality applications are already in the field of Tourism. The AR applications can show all relevant information to users about travels and tourist places.

  • 3D models of places
  • Relevant videos and text on tourist spots
  • Navigation to reach the location & Gamification on the way to each spot
  • Features Information of Restaurants and Hotels nearby

AR and Beacon Technology
Beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter. Augmented Reality applications can be integrated with Beacon Technology. These small devices can be kept on different spots of a Tourist place. When the user reaches near to the devices, the AR app will get signal via Bluetooth and show the required content for the current spot.

What can AR do in Archaeology and Museum?
Imagine, how awesome it would be, if the children who visit an archaeological museum, see the dinosaurs roaring and walking beside them?! That’s the magic AR can do and help in bringing the ancient things and animals to real.

ARkit/ARcore Apps
The latest augmented reality platforms ARkit and ARcore allow us to place 3D objects on the plane. These AR applications can bring any historical places, humans, animals or status right on the real world ground or on plane.

AR Museum Portals
Users can place these virtual portals anywhere on the ground. These portals will have an entry to the virtual museum or even a famous tourist spot.

3D Tracking

Historical buildings such as Museums and Archaeological sites (CULTURAL HERITAGE) can be tracked and original contents of how it was years ago, are shown live to u those who visit the places.

Today to Future – Digitize History with AR VR
Our historical places, art, architectures and designs are standing as the symbol of our culture and tradition. Due to natural disasters, global warming threats and continuous climate changes, many of our symbols of our culture and land are in danger. It’s important and our duty to save them for the future. Using those latest available technologies, we can scan them, convert them into 3D models, 360 images and videos and put them into AR VR apps.

We may lose the places and symbols physically, not digitally. History Repeats!

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