How Can an Open Source Freelancer Clone Make a Difference?

How Can an Open Source Freelancer Clone Make a Difference?

In 2021, the development of a freelance marketplace is one of the best things you can invest in. 

As an entrepreneur, the first motivation you can have is to solve a problem in the market or help people around the world. Here, you can actually solve the biggest problem of unemployment in the crashing world economy by creating a platform using the open-source Freelancer Clone.

Why create a freelancer marketplace?

The Freelancer Marketplace is a lucrative industry, where the number of freelancers entering the industry is growing rapidly. But there are only a few freelancing platforms where freelancers can get authentic leads and recruiters, and even fewer platforms that cater for the welfare of freelancers who can connect clients with the recruiters seamlessly.

However, if you create your own freelancing platform, it can be a source for freelancers to get hired- from beginner to pro level. You can bridge the gap between job seekers and employers by coming up with innovative strategies. Not only is it profitable to you, but also helps you survive in the dominant market- between platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and

Why use an open-source freelancer clone?

Creating a freelancer marketplace using an open-source Freelancer clone is quite profitable as it provides you with all kinds of the flexibility of creating a professional freelancer marketplace like an app or a website. 

This clone script is basically a replica of a popular website and has features and functionalities similar to the website of which it is a clone. 

It has the following features–

  • Highly customizable– A clone script like Network Plus is extremely customizable and has a variety of templates and themes to choose from. It can be modified according to the tastes and preferences of the users. 
  • Get the code– As it is open-source, you can get access to the code and thus, if there is an issue, you can modify the code accordingly– by contacting a professional or someone with proper coding knowledge. 
  • User-friendly interface– The open-source freelancer clone creates a platform with a user-friendly interface, which is compatible with all sorts of devices,  software and operating systems like Android and iOS. 
  • Manage job postings– The recruiters can manage their job postings with the help of different filtering options. They can also post jobs with selective skills to get the best candidate in less time. Managing the posted jobs can help to extend their reach to freelancers. 
  • Management of freelancer profile– The freelancer can create their profile and submit their resume and background, experience, etc. They can submit proposals to valid employers, and finally, start working on projects. 

So, if you are thinking to launch a freelancing platform using an open-source Freelancer clone, then look no more! BSEtec is here to take care of all your Freelance needs and requirements with the best clone script, Network Plus– the Upwork clone. Contact us today!

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