How to become the best android developer?


Being an android developer is not a walk in the park. You should have what it takes, perseverance, hard work and passion. Along with this, you need to have sound knowledge of Java language and computing. A good Android developer has to know about data structures and algorithms. You don’t necessarily have to be a polyglot, because most of the information is generally in English. However, it would be more advantageous if you’re bilingual or know more languages as you will come across technical documents and manuals in diverse languages.

You learn by doing”, experience is another important aspect to become a good android developer. You need to have at least two to three years of experience for people to trust you. There are many professional training institutes and courses which aid you to master app development. When you create an app, make sure you support dynamic UI designs. You should give your app the good structure it deserves. Users should be able to navigate through your app easily. An android developer should also know about content providers. Content providers help the app access data storage inside the app and the data which is in other apps and also be able to share data with other apps.

Have a good understanding of Android Core, like Handler, HandlerThread and Looper. It helps to synchronise programming. With this, you need to master the knowledge about GPS, maps, Android sensors and how to create custom views. You should also work to improve the app launch time. Implementing Machine Learning in your apps gives it the ability to improve on its own through the experience without human help. So your app needs to support a wide variety of machine learning tools. Not only this an android developer should know how to debug the app. All these skills make you the best android developer. We at BSEtec have the most skilled and technical team to get you started with any app. Being in this field for many years has taught us a lot and we come from experience. So, for more information, contact

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