How to build a website like Etsy?

Etsy is a global marketing site of unique goods ranging from handmade objects to vintage and antique treasures. So people can make items that they love with that human touch, and buyers can buy handcrafted goods that spike up their interest. It empowers startup businesses to expand their reach worldwide.

You cannot easily create a website like Etsy on your own as it is both time-consuming and expensive. You must choose between developing one from scratch or getting readymade solutions. You need the technology, knowledge and experience of web developers to create a successful e-commerce website. So after fixing your budget, you should choose a company which fits your business needs, and one which is SEO friendly and manageable. Which is why at BSEtec, we have developed an Etsy clone open source called PazerPlus. Our package is affordable and has all the add-ons required. Our multi-vendor script has state of the art features like

  • Unique seller and admin dashboard and store page
  • Multiple currency, shipping and language support
  • Product, sales, shipping and returns management
  • Simplified sales report
  • Commission management
  • Product catalogue system

and this is not all.

So to create a multi-vendor marketplace like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Alibaba etc., contact Bsetec and get access to our free Etsy clone download. We also offer free installation.

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