Impact of live video streaming in 2020

Live streaming is getting more popular than ever before. It is found that more than 80% of internet users of which the majority accounts for mobile users have watched more live videos this year compared to the previous years. The same statistics show that streaming video accounts contribute to two-thirds of all internet traffic, which is expected to rise to 82% by the year 2020. Also, over 80% of the population prefer to watch a live streaming video of their favourite brands rather than reading a blog about it. These numbers by, help us better understand the market scope for live streaming applications in the upcoming year.

We can witness that almost everything has become digital and it is important for businesses to use the right strategy to gain brand visibility which can help them sustain in the long run and even during the times of crisis. Every brand has to use integrated marketing communication tools to reach out to the maximum target audience as possible. One of those communication tools is Live video streaming apps through which the companies can stream their product promotional videos which are likely to get the attention of a majority of the people due to the fact that almost everyone holds a smartphone in their hand.

There are different categories of the target group for different products and services and not all of them can be brought down for the purpose of promotion, people do miss out on ads and some of them get irrelevant marketing information. This is a part of a failed strategy. Social media and the internet in combination helps in eliminating such an issue as we converge to one particular tool for all forms of communication. Live video streaming which is a part of social media can be a great tool to disseminate promotional video content to the relevant audience. It is possible for us to get various insights and statistics right there without external research, making it an ideal marketing tool.

People have the mentality to buy products which attracts them and satisfies their desires. As we put up videos on live-streaming apps, people are more likely to make a purchase as they wish to try out things on them as well. Be it a business promo, an audio launch or a concert sneak peek, live video streaming makes its audience want more and thereby attracts them to learn more about it by themselves. We could see learn more option below the live video promotional content which is the key to unlock the door of ignorance. There starts a new venue for shopping, be it a mobile case or a high-end car.

Overall, live video streaming can benefit businesses and if you start up a live streaming app, it is never a bad idea to use live streaming clone like Live Plus. A live tv streaming PHP script is a readymade script with all the features done right and an option for customisation. Check out Live Plus bigo live clone script and start your 2020 with an all-new app at an affordable price. Contact BSEtec for further details.

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