Important tips for successful Virtual Learning Guidance


Learning online could be flexible for the students but for the tutors who have been used to teaching in-person might find it hard or even some of them feel embarrassed. To break these barriers and to make the E-learning software tutor-friendly, we have listed a few tips that might help.

  1. Use the appropriate technology : The most important requisite in the process of virtual learning is to make sure that we have the proper software installed and a stable internet connection. The E-learning software must be compatible with all the devices and must have a better user-interface. The students should also have easy access such as an option to login using their existing social accounts. The software must also have important features such as course remainder, course discussion, hi-tech learning, certificate courses and so on.
  1. Establish a human connection : Icebreaking sessions are very important in a virtual classroom session, otherwise, the students may eventually lose interest. So, if you are hosting an online video classroom, make sure that you include a certain off-topic conversation with the students to encourage them to participate and keep the class active.
  1. Use multiple formats to create the course modules : Textual modules or slides can be boring and often students look out for other ways to learn in shortcut. So, it is better to provide the same kind of shortcut for them. Using videos or graphics to simplify the concept work quite well with the millennial learners.
  1. Set ground rules and goals : Students often procrastinate and the way to make them accountable is by giving them certain short term or long term goals to fulfil. Be it a small assignment or a project, make sure that you give points for completing which is one of the ways to enhance gamification in the learning environment. Also, make sure that the students are attentive by occasionally asking questions, conducting polls and the like.

Another effective way to make the classroom interesting and effective is to create groups among the students and asking them to present to the whole class later. Researchers and tech experts have predicted that the next-gen learning would take place in virtual reality(VR) and the use of VR device like VR headsets would soon come into reality. Although the technology is just in the phase of usability test, the technology has promising features to offer.

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