Instagram clone – 3 trends that you should adopt right now


Developing an app like Instagram is the best business you can do right now because of its good engagement and good concept. social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook are not for fun only now but they are working as a primary source of advertisements for small and big brands around the globe. That’s how big this market is. If y6ou are thinking about Instagram like app development, Then this is the perfect time to start. 

We at BSETec created InstasocialPlus for entrepreneurs like you to make it easy for you to develop your online platform with numerous admin portal features and top-notch application features. Here we also came up with 3 trends which you should adopt in your platform to make it more interactive among millennials

  • No judgments

Social media is all about sharing beautiful memories among loved ones and people now started not to attach with the LIKE feature of the Instagram clone. Hidden Likes can be the new trend and if you apply this change in your platform then you might see more posts on your feed. And your platform can be the platform purely for sharing memories and not judging others by the number of likes. 

  • Shoppable posts

Social Media is the biggest influencer market right now and it attracts brands towards the platform so that they can promote their product or services through their mass audience base. Adapting the feature of shoppable posts in your Instagram clone script can be the best decision you will make because it will engage more audiences towards your brand and it will give businesses an opportunity to promote their brand through your platform. 

  • AR Based content

Augmented Reality is the future of content in social media now also very few people use AR-based content to engage more and we see that this type of content gains so much organic reach as compared to normal pictures and videos. In your Instagram Clone for IOS And Android you can use AR technology as primary tools and you can promote AR more while marketing your platform to gain more user base attracted to your platform. If you are creating a platform for a future generation then you have to adapt future technologies. 

For starting your venture with these types of futuristic and creative trends you need to start with adapting a script like InstasocialPlus so that your technical base can be strong enough. InstasocialPlus – Advanced clone script comes with numerous features and the latest technology to make it fully functional for you. More than that with InstasocialPlus you are getting our team of professionals on your side to create a futuristic brand. To checkout list of all the benefits and latest features of Instasocial Plus you can visit

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