Live Streaming the future of Businesses, how?


There has been a considerable shift from Video on demand to live stream, as it is more spontaneous, authentic and unedited content. Businesses and brands have realized the potential of live streaming and have taken to live streaming apps like periscope, twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live,etc., One such emerging app on the market is LivePlus a live tv streaming PHP script.

It’s a smart move for businesses as it is

  • A one-time investment.
  • It tells the brands story and brand image and reveals them for who they are.
  • A good strategy to reach potential customers.
  • Build an online presence.
  • Less expensive as it involves no editing equipment and editors.
  • Get to know customers through live Q&A sessions, interviews, comments etc.,

Why is a live-streaming app a must-have for businesses:

  1. About 85% of people prefer watching live streams if it streams more behind-the-scenes content than standard TV broadcast.
  2. 80% would rather watch a brands’ live stream than read their blog.
  3. Live streaming increases the chance of customers buying their products.
  4. Nearly 100M internet users watch video streams every day.
  5. Live content on social media platforms is 10 times more engaging than VOD.

Live streaming is a groundbreaking technology which capitalises on authenticity. To get Liveplus, our live streaming app clone, reach us at

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