Must-Try AR Makeup and Beauty Features for Your App

Must-Try AR Makeup and Beauty Features for Your App

AR beauty technology has changed the game for a variety of brands, ranging from makeup and offline salons to retail and entertainment. Augmented reality beautification enables businesses to provide real-time try-on solutions, fine-tune users’ appearance during video calls, and improve medical surgery training, among other things.

What Exactly Is AR Beauty Technology?

Beauty AR is a simple-to-use Photoshop-like option for anyone with a smartphone. It enables users to instantly tune, retouch, or change any aspect of their appearance.

AR Makeup and Beauty Features You Should Try in Your App

Morphing, face tuning, virtual makeovers, filtering, and facial feature adjustments are today’s most famous portrait editing tools. Each of these characteristics has a wide range of applications. Let us look at some of them in brief.

  • The Morphing Of The Face: Morphing lets users alter the size and shape of their faces. You can make the cheeks, chin, and nose more delicate by moving the vertices of the 3D model of the face. Morphing effects are created technically by applying the face mesh to the base mask. Face tracking technology is used to apply the morphed face mask to the recognized user in the mobile cam.
  • Face Beautification In Video: Face or Portrait beautification includes tools, filters, and algorithms for improving the appearance of the face. Skin smoothing, also known as face softening, teeth whitening, LUTs, and eyes-effect are among its primary components that help to improve the user’s attractiveness.
  • Retouching Of The Face: In contrast to face beautification, which aims to improve the image, retouching features like blemish removal tools can assist users in correcting appearance flaws. Acne, wrinkles, spots, and eye bags can all be removed from photos. Based on the input face data, such as skin colour, computer vision algorithms are trained to perform specific tasks. AI retouching produces the most realistic results, comparable to professional photography. The face skin smoothing algorithm is demonstrated in the example below. Unlike blur filters, which can over smooth a face, the algorithm preserves skin texture and achieves natural beauty.
  • Makeup for AR (Coloring): AR makeup technology has made a strong presence in e-commerce, allowing people to virtually test cosmetics using facial recognition. It’s also widely used in face editors and photo and video retouching apps, where users can experiment with various makeup and hair colours.

AR makeup technology creates a true-to-life digital experience of physical products, whether you’re developing a makeup app, creating a smart beauty mirror, or looking to power your cosmetics web store with a virtual try-on.

Modern photo and video editing tools have advanced to the point where users in the beauty industry can do more than just retouching. With a tap, they can naturally transform themselves by trying on styles, makeup looks, and hairstyles.

Wrapping Up:

With advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms under the hood, digital face beautification performs so well that it’s difficult to tell what’s real.  To integrate AR or Develop a new AR app, contact BSEtec, a pioneer in AI and AR digital solutions, exclusively presents augmented reality as a live direct or indirect vision of a real-world/physical environment.

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