Navigating the Online Food Delivery World – Best Practices for Delivery Apps

Expanding choices and convenience, the online food delivery platforms are allowing customers to order with the single tap of the mobile phones from a wide array of restaurants. With the technological advancements and the growth of online food delivery apps, the business of delivering restaurant meals to the home is undergoing rapid changes. Rise of digital technology is reshaping the food market and so many other sectors as well. Getting maximum convenience and transparency, consumers are accustomed to shopping online, and increasingly expect the same experience when it comes to ordering dinner. More so, in the Covid-19 pandemic, people are confined to their homes and cannot dine out, so these food delivery apps come to their rescue. This has given rise to a large customer base and a number of young entrepreneurs and businessmen and restaurants investing in developing their own food delivery apps. But, instead of starting to build an app from scratch, there is an alternative solution that is affordable and a quick remedy for app development–i.e. clone scripts. Foodplus is the Doordash clone offered by BSEtec that makes the handling of customer requests simple and easy. 

What are the Best Practices for Online Food Delivery Apps?

Before you set foot in the food delivery business venture, you have to analyze the pros and cons and how to go about with your brand in the market. Online Food delivery apps build a loyal customer base as apps are more handy and represent a brand better than a website. But, the best practices for the food delivery apps that can make it successful in the marketplace are as follows– 

  • Customer Dashboard– The customer is the main person who makes the order. They initiate the food delivery process. Using their mobile phone number or email Id they log into the account and register themselves. After checking out a few restaurants and seeing if they are available for accepting orders, they add the food items into the cart and place the order. These operations should be done seamlessly through the customer dashboard.
  • Easy registration– The registration process should not be hard and complicated as the app delivery service is open to people from all age groups and they should be able to log in using minimal details like their name and phone number and also through their social media, which is fast, easy and convenient. 
  • Administrator panel– The person who monitors and supervises the entire process is called the administrator. This person will have access to the delivery executive data, restaurant data and customer data. Through the administrator panel they can modify any data at any time if required. 
  • Restaurant panel– The restaurant plays a major role in the food delivery system as it goes to the restaurant first when the user places an order. They have to accept the order and begin to prepare the food items specified in the order. They should be able to view orders, accept orders, update the food status and check the items after preparation and finally hand it over to the delivery executive. 
  • Payment gateways– One of the major prerequisites in the food delivery process is having a seamless and secure payment gateway. The personal payment details of the customer should be encrypted and there must be an availability of multiple payment options like UPI, wallet, credit cards, debit cards, etc. 
  • Ratings and Reviews– In 2021, nobody on the internet buys anything without checking its review. From checking the restaurant’s review and the ratings of their food, if everything matches the taste of the customer only then they place their order. 


After analyzing the selected clone script on the above grounds, you may proceed in your  online food delivery app development process. However, to make things simple, Food Plus ticks all the above mentioned boxes. So if you are looking for a clone for your app, look no more, our doordash clone has got it all covered for you. 


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