Online learning Trends in 2020 Will Help You to accomplish revenue, Learner experience and Behavioral engagement


Online learning is one of the best ways to acquire knowledge and the trends keep evolving. Now it’s all about keeping the students active, engaging them through products as well as fun activities. At the same time, the money factor matters because the students suspect if the course would be worth the money. So the courses are often inclusive of a free trial, with which the tutor can vouch how exciting the course would be, eventually.

One more important factor to consider while establishing an e-learning platform is identifying the right tool. We can’t expect everyone to have hi-tech equipment, seamless network and other features. So to meet everyone’s requirements and make sure the course serves the purpose, the app or whatever platform that we create must be compatible with both latest as well as outdated operating systems. An ideal way to do that is to create a progressive website or by creating an app for android as well as iOS and other OS.

Let’s look at the online trends in 2020 that is likely to generate more revenue and enhance learner experience and behavioural engagement.

  1. Mobile Learning: Mobile learning is becoming popular mostly because it is affordable as well as handy equipment that we can carry around wherever we go. Even when we travel or visit our hometown during the vacation, we can still access the online learning platforms through our mobile phones with a simple app. Additionally, mobile phones come with better quality cameras that enable us to connect to video conferences and even shoot and produce a video for the course demonstration and lectures.
  1. User-generated content: Social Media is full of user-generated content, but how far everything is true and holds an authentic source is a debatable question. But when we consider online learning platforms, students are well-aware that they look out for the qualifications of the tutors before they take up the course. Even the courses like handicraft making and such can be taken by anyone who has the skill the students would look for their profile or portfolio before they join.
  1. Informal Learning: Informal learning is also one of the effective ways to learn and inculcate moral values and life skills besides curricular learning. As it is a practice of learning away from a structured environment, it requires additional materials such as teaching aids, better coordination skills and a good platform, especially when it takes place online.

To accomplish these, you can simply use an E-learning website or create one using udemy clone scripts like Expert Plus. We have included every option that is required for an ideal LMS, in the udemy clone script and it is readymade and white-labelled. All you need is to visit the link: and get your quote, right after you go through the features and the demo.

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