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We live in an age of creators. People create content all the time and it has formed a large part of our everyday life, whether it is a blogpost, video, graphic or podcast. But how much more cooler it would be if you can create quality content, live. This you can do with our cool live streaming app clone, LivePlus.

Your content should revolve around your marketing goals and should have your company’s best interests at heart. You must be aware of who is going to be your audience, what you want to tell them and where you’re going to find them. And once you come to know what they like, you must connect to them like they are right there beside you or you can create a semi-fictional character which can portray as your target audience. You must also keep a decent pace, to prevent audience from unplugging or zoning out. Before you go live all you need to do is do some research and have a good live tv streaming php script like LivePlus and a good Wi-Fi/ data connection.

You can also give your audience a sneak peek of what you’re going to say in your live stream before you go alive. Audience love suspense. You can also ask your followers on social media for topic suggestions, so that they feel involved. Your followers will also get a notification when you go live. Our Bigo live clone script is reinforced with angular 5 material design, multi broadcasting, live comments, social login etc., If you want more details and understand how our app works you can get to our website and access our demo live streaming app.

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