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Scala is a universally useful programming language. Scala has full support for functional programming and a solid static type system.

Scala is also object oriented programming language which we describe as like JAVA. Mainly uses a curly-brace {} begin/end of the syntax and it is a common construct.Scala has lot of features when compared to java such as Scheme, Standard ML and Haskell, including currying, type inference, immutability, lazy evaluation, and pattern matching. Advanced type systems are also existing which is covariance and contravariance, algebraic data types, anonymous types and higher-order types.

Scala source code is planed to be assembled to Java bytecode, so that the subsequent executable code keeps running on a Java virtual machine. Java libraries might be utilized directly in Scala code and the vice versa.

Different elements of Scala not present in Java incorporate  operator overloading, optional parameters, named parameters, raw strings, and no checked cases.

Scala keeps running on the Java  platform (Java virtual machine) and is reconcilable with existing Java programs.As Android applications are regularly composed in Java and converted from Java bytecode into Dalvik bytecode when bundled, Scala’s Java similarity makes it appropriate suitable to Android development, all the more so when an functional approach is preferred and Scala additionally can incorporate to JavaScript, making it conceivable to compose Scala programs that can keep running in web programs.

The Scala programming distribution, including compiler and libraries,is released  under a BSD permit .

scala  never requires semicolons to end statements.It has well syntactic flexibility than Java.


  • Complete Java Libraries and it process on JVM(ubiquity, administrative tools, profiling, garbage collection etc)
  • Scale code is very clear and Brief and comprehensive than a JAVA.
  • closures and functions are act as part of the language.
  • it has operator overloading (from the perspective of usage).
  • it has mixins (i.e. interfaces which contain implementation).

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