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The virtual world has become a platform to exhibit talents and special abilities. A lot of people have gained recognition and fame because of social media. People have started using social media as one of the primary tools for their gratification. This gives a good opportunity for those who want to lead this generation of mobile users and drive them in the right way. Although social media has a lot of demerits, it has plenty of merits for the right people. Video streaming platform is one such platform where there is a humongous area to explore as well as entertain.

The primary roles of any online platform are to inform, educate, entertain and persuade. This applies to live video streaming platform as well. By persuasion, we mean that Live streaming script like periscope and bigo live to tend to be a ground for a quality advertisement to the target audience. This is why we have periscope clone and bigo live app clone to match with these qualities and deliver the best possible content to people without boring or annoying them.

Live plus is one such Live tv streaming PHP script that can be converted into a great live streaming app. In fact, the app would have similar features compared to bigo live app and periscope app. The app lets the user sign in through their email or existing social media accounts. The features presented in the app includes going live button with which the user can instantly go live and broadcast their video using their front or rear camera. This makes it easier for them to handle and explain. Users can switch between various accounts if they wanted to change the live stream. If the users are satisfied with the content delivered, they can send heart and even complement or give feedback in the comments area. Live plus comes with zero error and has a responsive design.

If you want to get one such app for your company or wish to own a live streaming app, you are at the right place. BSEtec has professionals who can help you with this. Visit our website to get complete information.

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