The Business of Technology: Enabling a Productive Remote Workforce

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Due to Global Pandemic, Many businesses are shifting to work from home culture as their primary working and in order to make it a productive way of working, Employers make sure that their employees don’t get any type of difficulty. Keeping the necessity of working from home aside, Remote working is also the smartest way of getting work done from employees in the comfort of their home. Employers complain that the work generation is not productive enough in WFH and they need to get the solution as early as possible to make it more productive and reliable. To make remote working effective and productive employers have to collaborate with the latest technologies and IT upgrades. 

Challenges in Remote Working

  • Projects Management : It is the manager’s duty to make sure all the work is done before the deadline and establishing a connection in intense working is easy if all the employees are present physically but it becomes hectic sometimes to get all the work together from remote teams. We think this is the problem that can be solved if we get our managers trained and get them more suitable communication software so that there would be no communication gaps between the workforce and managers. Also, there are features in Work mail systems that enable the common calendars and to do task features to use for letting employees know about the timeline of work. 
  • Absence of Access to Information : This is the most common challenge in Remote working that employees sometimes failed to get necessary information because in Remote working there is the requirement for extra time and effort for locating necessary information in time and analyzing it when you don’t have supervisors along. 
  • Lack of resources : Sometimes, Employes just can’t do the work in a flow due to poor internet connectivity or low system configurations. Many resources are required to make remote working productivity. And that’s the reason this challenge is widely faced by almost all employers. 

How to overcome these challenges with Technology Advances

Technology can improve remote working if used decently and productively. Like there are some things that employers need to understand, and they should adapt solutions for that. Your company can be benefited from work from home as it increases productivity because they get a little relaxed environment but if not monitored properly then it may be converted as a disadvantage. So here we come up with some points that you may adopt from a technical point of view to make sure the level of productivity goes upwards. 

  • Cloud Services : You may require the best in class cloud services for giving access for employees to required information outside the office. Here some people think that they have to compromise with the risk of data sharing but you can play smart in this. You can give employees access to only necessary employees and in-office hours only with all the records stabled. 
  • VPN : Virtual Private Network is also necessary because they will be working on their network or public networks. So to overcome the challenge of a privacy breach, you have to keep all the working and communication secured via VPN.
  • Work Tracking : It is also crucial to monitor the efficiency and work tracking of employees to make sure they are working properly. For this, You can get tracking software for your employees, and you should only use this software when the employees are working on your systems because if you are not providing them a desktop for working then it may risk their right to privacy. But there is no harm in following up with employees for work and managers should do their best in following up with employees to make sure the work is done within the deadline. 
  • Communication : When you have such a huge team to communicate with or if you want to convey a message virtually to everyone then the video call may be exhausting and difficult. you may get the company’s live streaming software. It is super easy to develop nowadays and with this, you will have in house live streaming software to communicate with every employee in your company at the same time. With in-house software, there will be no privacy threat too. 
  • Remote Access : This is the best way of protecting the privacy of the company and employees. To just give the remote access to employees of their working Desktops so that they can work on their preferred settings without wasting any time in managing the personal computer. 

Future of remote working

Working from home culture is right now not that advanced because companies are not seeing it as a long-term method but they are seeing it as the need of an hour for a short period and they are planning to get into normality again as soon as possible. There is something that there are companies like Mondelez, Nationwide, and Barclays, etc that are making work from home as the permanent working. There are so many debates going on to go for a permanent WFH environment or not, But in our point of view, it is more likely that after companies see the benefits of shifting to permanent WFH with these companies then they will also follow. This is also more likely to save a bundle in working cost if we take WFH as the primary source of work. Because in the long term you will not need working space for most of the team and it saves you a fortune from office leasing and operational cost. This is the smartest way to choose but also the difficult road to drive because at the start you will have many difficulties and also you will be having a huge investment cost. In a nutshell, the future of working from home is more likely to see progressive in many industries as permanent. especially, In the teams where employees can work more likely for instance, Accounts team, advertising team, design team, etc. 

Ideas By BSETec

Work From Home Resources : Well, companies should invest some amount in providing small work from home resources to their employees to get more productive work. For instance, Work From Home resources may include a good headset for video conferences and interactions, An internet dongle for good internet connection and it can also be beneficial for preventing data leak from public networks, A laptop with all the necessary software and tools can be in this list too because if you give them your laptop to work then you can also track your employees working and performance regularly. 

Get video streaming software :  Well, to convey a single message and to give sessions to employees this is the best idea because with live streaming software you can communicate with your whole company at once, and even live streaming software can be used for team training and their skills development. Developing live streaming software is even easy nowadays because we have live streaming scripts like LivePlus. LivePlus is the most advanced script for video streaming platform development with the latest features. With the help of this software, You are not only getting a suitable tech for communication, But you are also developing an in-house asset for your company for communication and managing multiple offices at a time. 

Guide your employees : While adapting new working techniques your employees need your support and guidance. You may help them by providing them some tips and solutions on getting productivity through working from home. You can broadcast these tips and solutions on your live streaming platform.

You can guide them with things For instance, 

  • How to build a routine while working from home?
  • Should not work with pressure and don’t forget to take breaks
  • Taking care of the diet on daily basis for a healthy body
  • Make one space in the house as your working space.


In these tough times, your employees are the ones that are keeping your business safe and sound. So it is more your duty to keep them healthy mentally and financially. Work From Home can be tricky and exhausting at the start but your team will adopt it quickly if you guide them and equip them with proper resources. There are companies like us for you that provide ultimate software solutions to manage remote teams and workforces. Also, the future of remote working is very good because once companies realize that it is the new normal then it will eventually benefit them only with cost-saving and high efficiency. You can directly get in touch with us for any digital software solution as we work with companies globally to make sure they don’t face any difficulty in adopting and developing new technologies. You can directly fill a short form below to raise your query and our customer service expert will be in touch with you shortly, till then you can explore the incredible services of BSETec.

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