The Latest version Ionic 4 Has Finally Been Released

Ionic 4 - Latest Version Updates

The Ionic crew has been very busy occupied off the screen to complete the Ionic 4 release for the past few months.  Ionic 4 has recently been launched and it is going a great job in developing the field. This blog will be truly a guideline of how the release of Ionic 4 will impact our developing process, which you do in order to build applications. Let us view what all extra features that included in Ionic 4:

The main change in Ionic 4 is that all Ionic components are now connected with the Web. This means that the old version of Ionic should be used with Angular, however, now you can use them independently or along with other frameworks. In addition, along with Ionic 4 a web component compiler called Stencil has also been launched.  Stencil is used for building Ionic web component or your own web components. Moreover, with the combination of these 2 web components, you can easily build your own application.

Features of Ionic 4:

  • Basic Syntax Changes
    The transmission of web components has led to some principal syntax changes, however, these are pretty direct.
  • Attributes
  • Numerous attributes have been renamed, however, once more, these are minor changes. Rather than utilizing icon- right we would utilize slot=”end”, rather than simply utilizing a vast property would utilize size=”large”, and as opposed to utilizing full to make a catch full width we would utilize expand=”full”. These are not the greater part of the characteristic changes, but rather this ought to represent the point.
  • Colour modification
    The default colours have been changed, and some new default colours have likewise been included
  • Tappable Substances
    In our past days, we used a <button> for list items that we require to be tappable, however, now we just include the tappable feature to an <ion-item>:
  • Architectural changes
    Apart from the simple syntax modifications, there also exist a few architectural changes to the applications. Since Ionic and Angular are tied up so tightly, now Ionic has got its independence and now you can use it separately.
  • Root Module changes
    The module.ts file comprises the root module for the app, however, Ionic 4has come with some couple of modifications. The IonicAngularModule is new, however, it fundamentally replaces the role of what Ionic module did previously.
  • Page Component Changes: The components of your app pages will look stunning, except for some little modifications in the component decorator. The decorator now contains a property for styleURLs that will now in need to link to the suitable. SCSS file that describes the components’ styles. We will likewise now have the capacity to effortlessly scope the styles for a specific part to only that segment. Previously, despite the fact that we had a different .scss file for every part, we would wrap the styles for the segment within its own selector: this ensures that the styles would impact only on the component that we are working. If not, it would be applied globally.

We can set the epitome property to one of the accompanying three qualities:

  • None – Shadow DOM isn’t utilized, and styles won’t be checked to only that part
  • Emulated – Shadow DOM isn’t utilized, yet styles will be checked to only that part
  • Native – Shadow DOM is utilized

For those who prefer Ionic to utilize it with Vue, or React, or Ember, or jQuery, or plain JavaScript, you’ll have the capacity. Actually, it is certain that you’ll have the capacity to utilize Ionic 4segments in AngularJS (1.x), which ought to give a way route into the future for designers still on Ionic/AngularJS 1! Beyond supporting new structures, Ionic 4will have some important presentation increases for Progressive Web Apps, fundamentally because of “Utilizing the Platform”, as well as with some new Lazy loading systems that included into Stencil.

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