The simplest way of explaining what we think IoT is & It’s any everyday product that becomes smart


Let’s start with a cursory definition of the “Internet of Things???, also known as “IoT???. The Internet of Things is a buzzword describing the inter-connectivity of physical devices, smart devices, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and the technologies that enable these “things??? to collect and exchange data with one another. It is the future of your home, planet earth.

Connecting the physical world to the Internet is the driving force behind the greatest minds from across the planet working in the IoT space. The three pillars of IoT are “things???, an all encompassing term referring to the physical world, the “Internet???, and most importantly the connectivity to bring “things??? and the “Internet??? together.

Let’s say you have a t-shirt. Somewhere inside there is a little device inserted and suddenly that t-shirt becomes your fitness adviser, letting you know through your phone that you haven’t sweated enough today while training, or your heart rate when running got too high. At this exact same time, you are receiving recommendations related to this fact, like breathing exercises to lower your heart rate. Numerous examples and possibilities arise when products are smart and connected.

But if you can have a smart home, how about building an Internet of Things that could, over the course of time, create a truly smart world. If building a truly smart home took so much skill, talent, money, and time imagine how much will go into building a smart planet? The entire world of “things??? can be connected to the “Internet??? and through platforms like Amazon Web Services IoT, you can connect networks of smart devices and “things??? easily so they can securely interact with cloud applications.

IoT is going to transform our lives, more sooner than later. It makes the experience of products more exciting: smart running shoes helping to optimize your workout or skies sending recommendations of how to improve skiing skills.

In general it will make life easier, safer and healthier. You can have a dog activity tracker that recommends optimal treatment for dogs, or alarm buttons for kids that initiate an alarm on a parental phone.

Think of a world where every “thing??? was connected to the “Internet??? constantly exchanging and analyzing data from a global network of devices and things? Leverage that data properly and we truly can change the world. IoT is drawing the most intelligent and skilled engineers and data scientists on the planet and growing faster than any industry in world history.

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