Top 5 E-Learning and EdTech Trends for 2020

E-learning industry has seen a vast growth since the past years due to its reliable nature and ease of access for the students from across the world. Certain industries have also considered E-learning to training their in-house employees to hone their skills. E-learning software has been customised accordingly by the Software development companies through the use of clone scripts such as Udemy clone with Laravel framework. These clones are error-free and are widely used in creating apps and websites similar to existing e-learning portals like Udemy, Coursera, Lynda etc.,

Talking about the trends that are going around since the beginning of 2020, the adoption of technology-based learning in itself is a great leap in the field of education which opens door to a wide arena of learning options. Secondly, there have been a lot of innovations in this particular field to make it more compatible and user-friendly option for those who wish to learn from home.

Let’s see some of the trends that are going around in the field of E-learning:

1. Pitching in adaptive learning:

Traditionally, a class teacher would look into the performance of every individual student and try to frame his or her methodology accordingly. Yet, they would be able to reach the attention of only a few of them because there would be no individual training unless the student themselves seek to learn. E-learning gives a better solution to this problem by giving individual attention and generate analytics based on their performances. Through tests and quizzes, the students would get to know where they stand and what kind of improvement is required. Eventually, the student would be able to concentrate more on the area where they lack proficiency.

2. Micro-Learning:

Companies have started offering in-house courses to their employees to improve their skills and give them on-board training for better productivity. It gives mutual benefits for the company as well as the employees in various ways.

3. Gamification:

Learning is fun when we do it interestingly, otherwise, it would be hard and too much to take in at a time. Gamification is one tool to make it fun and engaging. E-learning involves gamification which comes with interactive learning options and gratification. Also, learning through gamified platforms improves memory skills by enhancing retention.

4. AI assistance:

Various tools like AI-based recommendation helps to refine the course option for the students to match with their requirements. AI is mostly used to evaluate the learner’s behaviour and personalise course suggestions based on the metrics and stats. This is basically to make it easier for the students to choose out of numerous options that are available out there in the E-learning space.

5. Social Learning:

Social learning is through the collaboration of various social engagement tools such as instant messaging, video conferencing and networking to make a synergy of learning. Efforts are taken by various E-learning services to enhance social learning as a part of their strategy.

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