Prejudices About Artificial Intelligence In Social Media


Artificial intelligence is becoming the new brain behind the latest technologies and we are upgrading its level of skills day by day to make it more efficient than ever. Using AI-based technologies like Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and virtual assistants are becoming the new highlight for every type of online platform. Also meanwhile social media platforms are growing more and more day by day and platforms are taking another step of upgrading their machine learning and artificial intelligence to make it more efficient. With great powers and opportunities, Artificial intelligence also brings the question of some moral and ethical issues. We at BSETec are trying to minimize these issues and trying everything to come with digital solutions to make these issues least effective to our clients. 

Common prejudices about Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

  • Being dependent more than ever : If you are developing a platform like social media where it will be a mass audience and in that case being dependent on artificial intelligence too much is way too risky. For platforms like social media human intelligence is the best to be collaborated with ai to make sure you don’t get dependent on one intelligence.
  • Biased algorithm : Technologies like machine learning is the biggest element that drives artificial intelligence efficiently. Machine learning. Tools with machine learning can write codes and do most of the human tasks. And artificial intelligence just replicates the human-generated data and that can be stereotyped and biased. These issues are mostly raised with race and gender in social media platforms. 
  •  Human intelligence : Human intelligence is the asset and with the boost in artificial intelligence, Humans are losing the jobs where they can even add more value than artificial intelligence. We know AI is the fastest and convenient in every task but the algorithm created by humans only may be free from biases and ethical flaws. 
  • Security : Social media Platforms and their algorithms have to be best if we want to create a virtual place safer for everyone. But the use of ai in every task in developing these algorithms can be risky for users and businesses. Most artificial intelligence uses natural language processing to process the data but with the mass communication over social media platforms AI have to point out the risks and filtration in users’ generated contents. There is a tone in every language we use on these platforms that can’t be written down. Only humans can understand the tone of sarcasm or hate and it is difficult for machine learning to understand the risk if the threat is not recognized. To maximize the security in platforms like social media it’s always beneficial to utilize human intelligence. 
  • Data-Base management : Social media platforms are the ones who have a mass amount of valuable data about users. About their dislikes, likes their preferences, and much more. if anyone misuses that data then that will be the biggest risk in all time. To depend on artificial intelligence with that kind of data would be riskier and human intelligence or traditional methods of database management systems are more worthy to use to maximize the security and health of social media platforms. 
  • To not use the multidisciplinary approach : This is the approach that is necessary to fight with prejudice in artificial intelligence. This means to make sure that humans are working consistently with technologies like AI in different modes to make sure the highest level of working and security within the platform. 
  • Overseas threats : We know on social media you can maximize the user’s experience but when technologies get more power and limelight they always put more threats and risks to user’s privacy and their data. In this era fights are not happening on war fields they are happening on a screen by getting access to social media platform’s data and by damaging the country’s cybersecurity. And depending more on artificial intelligence for data security and privacy is the biggest risk we are facing. Humans should get involved in every top priority security measure to ensure the safety and privacy of the platform. 
  • Deep learning : Artificial intelligence is getting more power than human intelligence by getting control of the social media platforms with their deep learning. And we mostly don’t know much about deep learning and that can be a big problem in the near future. 
  • Future benefits with clone scripts : Clone scripts are the most advanced and efficient way of creating a social media platform with affordability and less time-consuming. But the algorithm used in these clone scripts can also be the issue if not developed with the right resources and technical support. Our team of professional developers at BSETec is always working on regular mandatory upgrades to make sure any of our clients who created their interface with us don’t face this kind of issue. We are implementing every latest technology with a balance of human intelligence to make sure there is no question on the nature of clone scripts and their working. For more understanding on social media technologies we use to check out
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