Top Foodservice Industry Trends for 2020

The food service industry is an ever-growing area parallel to the evolving minds and thought processes in the humankind. People are not constant in their diet plans and keep shifting to alternatives as they keep receiving relatable information and word-of-mouth plays a key role in changing their attitudes. When this happens at a large scale, it turns out to be a trend and becomes all the more the pop culture of the times.

The theme-based restaurant is a major trend going around, where restaurants come up with unique and appealing creatives to suit their customers’ lives. Theme based on comics, movies, animal-friendly restaurants, gaming and much more has started mushrooming. Although people order food most of the times, they are attracted to such concept-based restaurants.

Although food contributes to gratification, there are social values which have shaped people’s opinion about making choices on the food they eat. Various trends are likely to extend in 2020 and the years ahead. Here’s a list of the trending food industry hashtags.


Veganism which is currently spreading as a trend across the world due to various reasons such as standing against animal cruelty and in support of environmental conservation. It has been predicted through a survey by, that about 6 Million people are vegans.


Similar trends are circulating the world through social media, like the #eatlocal which is existing as one of the trending hashtags on Instagram, promotes the consumption of food-based out of locally produces vegetables and poultry. Such an initiative would help the local farmers and also help in alleviating diseases that are caused due to the use of packaged and processed food.


Zero Wastage is another trending factor in the foodservice industry wherein the restaurants and supply chains try to avoid the use of single-use plastics and recycle wherever possible to reduce wastage. Extending to this, food delivery apps also have a checkbox where we can opt for no-utensils and by doing so, the restaurant wouldn’t have to provide plastic spoons, straws or polythene bags for delivering your food. Many restaurants also accept utensils from customer to make the parcel. This culture is more likely to extend and get even better to maintain the eco-friendliness.


Inclusiveness is needed in the foodservice industry as well because the world has a diverse population and the need of every individual must be addressed. Certain people are allergic to various food ingredients such as gluten, soy, dairy products and so on. There is a trend going around wherein major restaurants claim that they are allergen-free and that the only use such products on the demand from their customers.

It would be great to incorporate these ideas into a food ordering app as well to address issues that people are currently facing. Just as the existing food delivery apps like ubereats has an option to search for vegetarian food only, there could be options for zero wastage, eat local, allergen-free and every other demand people have on the food that they have daily. If you have an idea to start up a food delivery app, use food plus online food delivery script. Food plus is a food ordering script similar to ubereats clone and swiggy clone. Check out our demo app from the app store or play store.

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