VR and AR in Live streaming apps

Live streaming apps are applications that allow users to broadcast live video content to an audience in real-time and gained popularity in the late 2000s for a variety of purposes, including e-commerce, gaming, entertainment, news, and education. Popular live streaming apps like Streambiz,  Periscope, and Bigo Live upgrade their features with VR & AR let’s see the potential of enhancement in live streaming apps.

What are Livestreaming apps?

Live streaming apps in simpler words, keep you updated with video streaming wherever you are you can attend the events and programs Streambiz that allow you to go live and create a session where viewers can join the live streaming via stream biz mobile apps where broadcasters can live any brand promotion, e-commerce sale, live classes and so on. Viewers can provide gifts to the broadcaster and can comment their views, and messages in the comment box to get clarified.

Live streaming apps like Streambiz and Periscope Inspiration apps can use VR to create virtual environments that simulate the experience of attending a live event or concert.

For instance, an music concerts are conducted, Viewers can use VR headsets to immerse themselves in the virtual venue, providing a more engaging and interactive experience. VR provides the lively feel of the event! 

The live streaming app inherits AR  to overlay digital information onto the live stream, allowing presenters to showcase products or provide additional information in real time. 

For example, during a live shopping stream, AR can overlay product details, prices, and purchasing options directly onto the video feed.

Users can purchase by using a 360-degree trial and decide on purchases across various products like cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, spectacles, etc.

Overall, integrating VR and AR into live streaming apps like Streambiz app can provide a more engaging and interactive experience for viewers, and can help to differentiate a live streaming app from its competitors. Are you looking to implement AR/VR into your business market? get connected with BSEtec – who has read-made solutions for your needs. 

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