Why Should You Create Food Ordering Software For Your Restaurant?

Whether you run an indie restaurant or a meal-kit delivery service, all you need is the right software. Here are the reasons why you need to invest in your own online food ordering software or website.

  • Get More Visibility On Google: In today’s world, Google is the go-to thing, when someone wants to try something new. According to a Localu survey, 92% of customers seek restaurants online. 75% of consumers chose a restaurant based on search results for a dine-in. Google strives to provide users with the greatest information possible. You won’t appear on the search result if you don’t have a dedicated website or app. 
  • Compete With Big Branded Restaurant Chains: With the help of your own restaurant app or website,  a decent SEO strategy, as well as social proof such as testimonials, you can compete equally with more prominent brands.
  • Lower Marketing Costs: Traditional marketing strategies such as billboards, leaflets, and ads in local channels are expensive. Small eateries don’t have marketing funds for such promotions, but digital marketing gives the same or greater coverage at a much lower cost. Digital marketing is extremely efficient when combined with a call to action that directs customers to a website or application where they can place a purchase.
  • Improved Customer Retention Rate: Food delivery software driven by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies can assist in anticipating consumers’ favorite food products. The software can display a list of the consumer’s chosen meal products, allowing them to order food swiftly. Customer convenience improves customer retention.
  • Prospective Customers Need Social Proof: People search for reviews and ratings before ordering online. Displaying your aggregate ratings and reviews on your website is a wonderful technique to offer your consumers and potential customers social proof. You may display your aggregate ratings from Facebook, Google, and Bloom with the Bloom Intelligence Website Ratings Widget. 

Why Do You Need Your Independent Food Ordering App For Your Restaurant?

When Food delivery apps like Doordash, Swiggy, and Zomato first popped up in the marketplace, they entered with the promise of offering an additional revenue stream for the eateries. Initially, they charged a commission fee of 10% on the orders from restaurants which eventually grew to the range of 20% and 25%. . Because of the pandemic and shifting customer behaviour, orders from these food aggregators have become the primary source of revenue for restaurants. As a result, the gross profit margin has dropped from 60% and 65% to 35% and 45%.

How Can Foodplus Assist You In Developing Food Ordering Software For Your Restaurant?

As a restaurant owner, you must understand you are not only in the food business, but also in the data and other businesses. When you opt for a third-party food delivery service, they do not provide you with user data. One of the reasons many restaurants close within six months of launching is a failure to use data. To be successful in this, you must adapt to new technologies and maintain a personalized presence on the internet, which is only feasible with a website and a mobile application. Check out FoodPlus, the best Food delivery app script, and Doordash clone to launch your food ordering website and app in a matter of hours. Contact BSEtec for more details and a live demo.

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