7 Advantages Of Using A Mobile Ordering App For Your Restaurant

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Mobile food ordering apps have almost become a lifeline for the survival of restaurants these days. Especially due to the pandemic, as dine-ins are prohibited, people are confined indoors and mobile food delivery apps have become a holy grail for them to have their preferred cuisines from their favorite restaurants. From gloomy days to special occasions, one can get any dish right at their doorstep with just a few clicks on their smartphones. In fact, even before Covid-19 struck the world, in this fast-paced life, people loved to order online for doorstep delivery or in-store pick up to save the hassle of standing in long queues and wasting time. Therefore, more and more restaurants these days are investing in food delivery mobile app development. Having your own in-house mobile app can give you a ton of benefits and that’s what we are going to talk about!


Advantages of using an in-house mobile app for your restaurant business– 

  • Drives More Revenue– As there is no pressure of ordering in a certain time limit helps to drive more revenue as it gives the customer the option to be able to explore all the options in the menu, and then order at their ease. Thus, they end up spending more on online orders.
  • Generates Customer Loyalty– After the mobile revolution took place, everyone uses a smartphone, and downloading apps is quite a common feature. By having an app, there’s a high chance of the customer to reuse it again and again, which will keep the engagement high. Moreover, apps build the customer’s trust and promote the credibility of the brand. 
  • More Accuracy in Orders– In dine-ins there are very high chances of getting a wrong order, which not only infuriates the customer but is also a loss for your company. However, your online food ordering app can help to tackle this issue by getting more correct orders.  
  • Customizable & Scalable– Your food delivery app will be unique and will adhere to your brand. You can customize and scale it according to your user’s demands and preferences. This will create a brand name and identity. 
  • Completely in-house Profits– Third-party food delivery apps charge very high commissions (up to 15%) which leave the restaurant with very little profit themselves. However, using an in-house app will generate profits completely for yourself and you will not owe any commission to anyone. 
  • Getting Ratings and Reviews– The customers using your mobile app will leave their reviews and ratings on different cuisines which will not only help the other users to choose from the bestselling ones, but also it will give you room for improvement and cherry on top of the cake– it will make you rank higher in the search engines. 
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve– Having your very own food delivery app for your restaurant will give you a strong customer base who will know your brand. This will give you an edge over your competitors because most restaurants stick to third-party apps for online delivery. 

Know the Impact of Food Delivery Apps on Restaurants


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