Five Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Artificial Intelligence In Social Media

Many still think Artificial Intelligence to be the technology of the future. Well, AI is already here and many industries have been applying AI and Machine Learning to improve their brand awareness and business in general– to bring forth potential customers. From Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Spotify using it for music recommendations to eCommerce stores implementing their marketing strategies– all are utilizing technologically advanced software like Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has penetrated the world market and helped many brands succeed in delivering a more personalized experience to their customers. However, one more field has been using AI– which is none other than everyone’s beloved social media platforms. From building an audience to driving engagement, increasing content, and converting prospects into leads across the popular social media platforms, has been a cup of tea- after Artificial Intelligence in social media has been implemented. AI in social media decreases cost and increases revenue by enhancing the efficiency of social media content strategies. 

Applications of AI in social media are varied, but not limited to anything, because it is so advanced, it will keep evolving and increasing capabilities with time. 

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Some of the ways to use Artificial Intelligence in social media are–

  • Advertising– Artificial Intelligence has been used in social media for hosting advertisements. Have you ever searched for a product and then started seeing pop-ups of the same all over your screen? Yes, that is exactly how Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence reads your behaviour and understands the pattern of your searches and recommends Ads that are relevant to you. 
  • Social content creation and management– Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence together can help you decide and create your posts on any given topic- faster and better for enhancing your marketing campaigns and generating optimized content for attracting traffic to your social media profile. 
  • Social insights– Integration of AI in social media has improved Social media analytics and provides better quality data to businesses. It helps in measuring brands and trends across social platforms. Moreover, it gives a proper strategy to determine what to post for maximum effect. 
  • Hashtag search– This is one of the most popular applications of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media. People can search about anything and everything through a simple #. So, what you have to do is, just use a different and relevant set of hashtags for your posts, and AI reads it to show it to the people who have shown interest in that particular hashtag. 
  • Social media chatbots– Many businesses have flourished through social media. Having said that, all businesses cannot be available 24X7 to respond to queries and questions of people around the globe on a social media platform. Thus, the integration of AI has helped to enhance the User Experience by utilizing chatbots for chatting with the customers immediately, until the company officials are available again. 


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