An Overview of Effective Live-Streaming for Non-Profit Organizations

An Overview of Effective Live-Streaming for Non-Profit Organizations

The Covid-19 pandemic had an unprecedented impact on almost every sector, from education, to companies and even in the non-profit organizations. The way they previously used to raise funds by holding various functions and events has come to a sudden halt. Infact, it has affected the way they connect and reach out to the people to expand their campaigns. However, to tackle the issue, nonprofits have to buckle up their shoes and get ready to match their pace just like every other sector– by going digital. But how will that help in raising funds? Well, with the rapid technological advancements– different kinds of apps and services are coming up and one such service is – Live streaming. Various companies and nonprofit organizations have started investing in developing real-time live streaming platforms where they can get donations from people around the world. But, developing a live streaming app or website from square one is quite a bit of work and will need you to hire a developer for making a unique app/website which will cost a fortune. This is where our live streaming clone scriptLive Plus comes into your rescue. 

How Can Effective Live Streaming be for Non Profit organizations? 

  • Best go-to option during pandemic– Technology does have its pros and cons, but here, we are talking about the biggest advantage that technology has done for us– brought us close virtually. People sitting at home can watch the live stream at their convenience, and live broadcasting adds a personal touch, or a human element through the digital device, which is very essential in times like these. 
  • Raise Funds through the live gifting feature– Our Periscope clone script offers a gifting feature where the viewer who is watching the broadcast can gift or donate in the form of coins. This feature is exclusive to LivePlus and very significant as it will be very helpful for Nonprofits to gather enough funds for charity through the various live-performances, webinars or virtual events that will be conducted, which is the need of the hour.
  • Withdrawal of the donations– The funds that have been collected after the virtual performance or event is over, the Nonprofit can collect the amount generated by the coins by simply contacting the admin of the app. It is a very seamless process and will be done in no time. 
  • Global Platform– Through live streaming, the nonprofit organization can perform, interact and communicate on a global scale in real-time which wasn’t possible even if things would have been done offline. This global reach helps them to raise more funds and improve their channels and get better recognition as an active non-profit organization. 

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  • Live commenting feature– Live Plus also provides a feature of live commenting during the broadcast, where the viewers may voice their opinions, queries, applaud the performance, etc. This makes the live streaming session interactive and fun. It engages the audience, which in turn brings more traffic to the platform. 
  • Friendly User Interface– Live Plus has a user-friendly interface which draws people from all ages and ethnicity to be attracted to the platform and stay hooked until the live streaming session is over. It is compatible on all platforms (Android, iOS, etc.) and on all digital devices.


The periscope clone script – Live Plus developed by BSEtec is the best quality clone script in the industry. If you’re a non-profit organization and are searching for something to get started with your app, fret not, we are here to take care of all your digital needs– which means even if you have no prior coding knowledge– that’s not an issue, we have got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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