How Can Artificial Intelligence Bridge Gaps in Education?

Artificial Intelligence today is not that advanced as we are not in possession of deep learning and advanced machine learning but today AI experts can create AI-based tools where we can enhance existing features and tools to develop a user-friendly interface for any online platform. 

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AI in Education

AI in education today is making insignificant progress to support the vision of quality education for all. AI today is serving in the elearning industry with advanced tools such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Instructors, Advanced-Data Management, Virtual Reality, and much more. It depends on the entrepreneur to use AI in a creative way to fill all the gaps with solutions. Today not only online education but also traditional education is making great progress on content quality with AR and VR-like technologies. 

Know the Role of AI in Virtual Learning Platform

Ideas to Develop an AI-based Udemy Clone?

  • Personalization in E Learning- Major flaw of elearning is that today platforms are more considered to be the mass educator but today we have a huge demand for personalized learning where educators know about every student’s learning skills, potential, and weaknesses, All like traditional learning. Today this is not the market’s demand but also the demand of parents. Today parents are also considering elearning schooling but there are not enough platforms that can give pure attention to one learner and this concerns the parents. 
  • AR and VR-based Udemy clone– Today when you develop your online learning platform with udemy clone scripts, You have the chance to get all the emerging technologies and tools in the industry at much affordability. AR and VR-based platforms can develop an atmosphere where learners would stick to the course. 
  • Individual Targeting– Today the online learning platforms are focusing on gaining a much wider and diverse user base to earn more revenue. But this is not the future of elearning as today the individual targeting concept is in the spotlight and parents are loving that concept. Under this model, As an elearning software, You can develop a platform targeted only to one segment and one-course content. 

Development of the udemy clone is much easier and efficient for the entrepreneurs as we have efficient and advanced clone script providers in the industry. ExpertPlus is also an option that you wouldn’t want to miss today. ExpertPlus is the open-source udemy clone script loaded with high-end features. Udemy clone script – ExpertPlus is also available as the free cost version to download for you. 

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