What are the Benefits Of Personalizing Online Training?

Traditional classrooms with their conventional teaching and learning methods have been widely criticized all over the world, because of its generic learning nature. Every individual is different and has a different way of learning. Some have good visual memory, some have auditory and a few also have a better kinesthetic memory. However, in the conventional way of education, teaching has been done to a class of 30 or more students, where imparting individual attention isn’t possible to be given to a particular person or student. This creates a gap in the learning process and this gap leads to many students who cannot live up to their full potential. However, technology has become a blessing, firstly to keep the educational industry from crashing down and also to look after the personal learning methods of the students. This has given rise to many up and coming startups to invest in building their own eLearning portals like Udemy, Lynda, etc. However, starting to develop an app from scratch has become obsolete in the era of technical advancements, thus, eLearning clone scripts have come to the rescue. This form of personalized online training has numerous benefits for not only the students or teachers, but even for those who want to improve their skills for getting a raise or a job. 

Benefits of Personalizing Online Training or eLearning Platforms

  • Flexibility of time and space– Students who are taking classes online have the flexibility to choose which time they want to study and where. If the person is doing a job, then they can do their eLearning course at night, sitting at the comfort of their homes. 
  • Choosing a different language–It might be difficult for some students to understand a particular language, we cannot expect everyone out there to be a Grammar Nazi or Shakespeare for that matter. So, for making the learning process much simpler and effective, the content has a multilingual option that helps the student in getting a better grasp of the subject. 
  • Teacher student interaction– There are online interactive forums and live sessions, where the students can personally connect, engage and interact with their teacher, which helps them to resolve their queries and questions and also to raise doubts, and as the instructor clears them, others are also benefited from it. 
  • Greater customization– Personalized learning modules help the students to choose the course that they are interested in and they are really looking for, instead of choosing something that they don’t like. 
  • Personalized feedback– There is no one-size-fits-all training content, similarly, there cannot be one-size-fits-all feedback. As the learners have their own customized learning module, they will get a customized feedback. This helps to make them aware of where they stand and improve their productivity. 
  • Better retention– Retention of the subject is higher in eLearning, as a person can watch and re-watch the video, pause, take their time to write down and actually understand what they are studying and thus, have a solid foundation of what they have learnt. 
  • Cost-effectiveness– Online learning has become the biggest boon to the students who didn’t get enough opportunities to learn due to their financial issues, even if they had talent and merit. So, eLearning costs a lot less than traditional learning in schools, colleges, etc. 


Irrespective of how similar the educational goals of different people are, each individual is a learner in their own way, with their own set of needs and weaknesses. So, through eLearning a lot of modern problems are being addressed.

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