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7 Factors For Ensuring a Successful eLearning Implementation

  An organization locks the idea of implementation of an LMS after a lot of contemplation, and numerous sessions of deliberation and reflection upon the pros and cons. However, to train the employees of an organization, creating a reliable Learning Management System is the best investment one can ever make. It will help them to

5 Reasons Why Udemy Clone is Useful?

  Nowadays, people search for their queries on the internet rather than rummaging through books or by asking someone knowledgeable. Technological advancements have led to a mobile revolution, where everyone has everything at their fingertips accessible through the internet. Same goes for education. Many portals and platforms have come up with different courses, modules and

7 Ways Mobile-Based Education Apps Are Changing How Students Learn

Learning is no more confined in between the four walls of a classroom. With the rapid technological breakthroughs, laptops, smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of the education industry. Digital learning solutions are a part and parcel of the student experience these days– from kindergarten to college-goers, everyone is relying upon mobile phones

What are the Benefits Of Personalizing Online Training?

  Traditional classrooms with their conventional teaching and learning methods have been widely criticized all over the world, because of its generic learning nature. Every individual is different and has a different way of learning. Some have good visual memory, some have auditory and a few also have a better kinesthetic memory. However, in the

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