Expert Plus is an user-friendly script, which does not require any high-tech trainer to manage the tutorial site.We updating our product with new five modules along with our fantastic features

We are offering the following feature as Keeping everyone in mind in this Udemy clone.

RTL CONTENT :Several East Asian regions scripts can be written Right to Left horizontally.
People who wants their own languages especially in Arabic and Armenian to surfing
our e-learning marketplace script website.We have made designs of their convenience as Right to Left viewable. We have created texts also as Right to Left in horizontally.

ADVERTISEMENT MANAGEMENT :online education marketplace software helps the People who wants to advertising their pages to display in global network, can add GOOGLE ADWORDS at the back end to promote .

CCAVENUE PAYMENT GATEWAY :As some South Asian regional sites could not able to support Paypal and else,So exclusively for the South Asian regions convenience we pleasure to design the optional online payment in CCavenue Payment gateway .

CASH PICKUP AND BANK TRANSFER :Under cash pick ,online tutorial software´s Admin will activate the course when executives collected the money .In Bank Transfer,admin will activate the course once the people´s bank paid details are verified.

YOU TUBE VIDEO FEATURE :You can share youtube videos in our online tutorial script
website by easily providing video links instead of uploading your files.As it streams directly from YouTube’s servers, it saves server bandwidth and storage space.

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