Key Features Of An E-commerce App: 6 Must-Haves!

 E-commerce App

Online shopping marketplaces have been on the rise for the last few years. As each and every commodity – from necessities to luxuries– have been made available online, people are compelled to be inclined towards online shopping and how it saves everyone from the hassle of standing in queues for billing, or from moving from aisle to aisle searching for a particular item. With eCommerce, one can find it all at the click of a button and may get it delivered to their doorstep, without even moving an inch. This has created a gradual shift in the lifestyle of people and has made it convenient to order everything online. Thus, many companies and industries have been investing in eCommerce app development as they are aware of the benefits and key features of an ecommerce platform. However, from-the-scratch development is very time-consuming and expensive. Thanks to eCommerce clone scripts like Pazer Plus that are more affordable and help you build a seamless eCommerce app. 

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What are the main features of e commerce?

Some of the must-have features of multi vendor ecommerce website or pp are– 

  • User-friendly Interface– Simplicity should be your designing goal, as nowadays “Less is more”. Online shoppers have a very short attention span and if the user experience is not up to the mark, they will quit the app immediately. Therefore, having a User-Friendly User Interface is of prime importance. A person should be able to navigate through the app effortlessly. 
  • A Quick and Easy Registration Process– Having a social media login feature, with the help of Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. can help your customers to log in with a single tap, which helps in their quick and easy registration process. No one wants to spend their valuable time writing down their names or their Ids, or even their phone number every single time they open a mobile application. 
  • Secure Payment Process– People who are shopping or selling online provide their bank account details which they can only do if the payment process is secure and ensures no data leakage. People need to trust the brand and that it values the privacy of every individual. Furthermore, it provides multiple payment gateways like digital wallets, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPIs, etc. 
  • Push Notifications– Probably the best features of mobile apps, Push Notifications is a very effective way to remind the customers about your brand via offering them discounts and offers and about the items they left in the cart. This helps the customer to come back to the app and continue with their shopping further. 
  • Reviews and Ratings– Through other customers ratings and reviews will everyone understand the product value. If the product is good and has a great rating, it will lure the customers into buying it. If the product is bad, it will give the seller room for improvements in the product by getting negative comments from the customers. 
  • Delivery status tracking– If you need to track your parcel or package, and when it will reach you, you can do so by tracking through the order number or AWB code, which will be provided to you in the order status. This will help you have a good idea about when your parcel will reach you. 

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