In 2021, You must know about the Video Live Streaming Market

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In these times, The kind of engagement that live streaming platforms are getting is tremendous, And it is good to see that liv streaming that was a feature only now becoming a full-fledged industry with many platforms coming in. Live streaming is not only for entertainment now by expansion it is now becoming a suitable application for many sectors like corporate, Government, and education sector. Also, The development of the live video app is easy and affordable if you go for the right resources. At BSETec, We also created LivePlus. LivePlus is the advanced periscope clone script that develops your platform with the latest technology available. 

Benefits of developing a Live streaming platform now

Live streaming applications get more engagement because they have a mass audience coverage because live streaming is suitable for many sectors and categories. For example

  • Corporates : It can be used as the all-time office live stream or it can be used as the primary mode of communication between the company and its employees. 
  • Education : Live streaming is suitable for eLearning platforms also for giving on-the-go learning experience. It can be used for streaming lectures, webinars, and learning materials. So that education will be accessible by all. 
  • Music : Live streaming is also popular in the music industry with on demand music streaming experience. it can be upgraded with social integration and social recommendations for a better experience. 
  • Entertainment : For entertainment, it has been used for genre-based content streaming and live shows streaming.
  • Sports : Sports category always wins the race in terms of most number of engagements because the sports live streaming is watched by a global audience at the same time. 

You can also develop a Live streaming app this year for your in-house communication software. Your brand will have its software for communication with employees directly in all the branches. Also, You can use this software for many things like morning and evening hurdles, Education and skills development of your employees, and many more. 

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Why is LivePlus good for development?

Well, LivePlus is an advanced clone script because it develops a platform that works fully functional all the time, and also it develops your platform with the latest technology available for instance, Angular 5 material design, Lumen micro-framework, Kurento streaming server, Multi broadcast stream engine, And many more. 

Moreover, It comes with readymade features like 

  • Social Logins
  • Go Live
  • Search settings
  • Profiles Management
  • Notifications Management
  • Users Management
  • Multi broadcasting
  • Site settings
  • Live comment
  • Follow/Unfollow and many more

This Live streaming PHP script can take your brand into a futuristic industry because live streaming will grow to a much bigger industry for sure. Live streaming currently has the highest viewership as compared to any industry, And that’s only because of people like watching live platforms rather than recorded ones. And maybe the year 2021 is the year when most of the audience will only watch live streaming population rather than recorded channels. You can give a thought to LivePlus also, Because it develops your platform with the above features, and it also comes at an affordable price for fully customizable open-source PHP script. With BSETec, You will also get additional benefits like Free installation, Free technical support with 3 months of free technical updates. You can also check out its free of cost live demo and explore how it works only at LivePlus.

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