Laravel 5.6 – Released with New Features at Laracon Online 2018

Laravel 5.6 - Released with New Features

As the community of the Laravel launched its new version 5.5 in August 2017, the developers take most advantages of this new update.  Being so popular with their updates, they are planning to launch their next version of Laravel 5.6 with 4 major tremendous features.  The launch of the Laravel 5.6 is going to happen in Laracon US. Participating in this conference is not a practical factor as the Laravel community has created Laracon Online. The Launch will be followed by the short speech of Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel 5.6. Moreover, the conference involves the introduction; features of the new version; advantages and comparison with the old version.  Furthermore, 8 speakers will be participating in this and the conference will be ended at 6.45 PM as per the US timing. Learn more about the conference, then visit and for news and announcements, follow in Twitter at @LaraconOnline.

Let us view what is new in Laravel new updated version 5.6.

  • Collision Package: Laravel 5.6 includes the collision package for CLI error reporting. Collision is a package developed to provide you effective error reporting when communicating with your developed application with the help of the command line. Moreover, commencing in Laravel 5.6, collision package will come in-built as a DEV developer dependency. As a consequent, you will get nice error reporting in your terminal. In the background, Collision is based over the Whoops error handler, which made a rebound in Laravel 5.5
  • Support Argon2i password: Argon2i is optimized to resist side-channel attacks. It accesses the memory array in a password independent order. The new version Laravel 5.6 will now support Argon2i password hashing algorithm. Moreover, the old style of bcrypt will still be supported and will remain as a default. However, if you are commencing a new project, then it is truly worth considering using the Argon2i driver.
  • New Blade directives: The new version of Laravel includes 2 new forms of Blade directives. One for the cross-site request forgery; and another for HTTP method input. Protecting your website against CSRF attacks becomes easy without putting effort on your part. However, if you need to present a form successfully, you must include a CSRF token input to confirm that the frame accommodation originated from the application and not from another site. Furthermore, meanwhile, HTML forms can’t create PUT, PATCH, or DELETE requests. You need to add a hidden method to retrieve these HTTP verbs. However, these 2 methods are eliminated in Laravel 5.6.
  • Elimination of Artisan Optimize Command: The Artisan optimizes command is belittled starting at 5.5, and submit to ace has officially expelled it from 5.6. Holding up until the point that 5.6 give you an opportunity to refresh your manufacture contents and composer.

In general, Laravel 5.6 accompanies a few new features and enhancements. These new features make PHP developers more gainful and reduce the measure of time and exertion required to manufacture custom web applications.

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