7 Ways Mobile-Based Education Apps Are Changing How Students Learn

Learning is no more confined in between the four walls of a classroom. With the rapid technological breakthroughs, laptops, smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of the education industry. Digital learning solutions are a part and parcel of the student experience these days– from kindergarten to college-goers, everyone is relying upon mobile phones for studying. More so, with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the educational institutes have been shut down, and even they have to teach online. This is why there has been a huge surge in the number of mobile-based educational apps like Udemy, Cursa, etc. Many big companies and businesses are investing in educational app development with the help of clone scripts like Udemy Clone App to create a platform to bridge the gap between the students and teachers, so that they can connect, learn and share knowledge. 


Mobile-based education can be life-changing and has led to a paradigm shift in the world of learning. The process of their learning has completely changed and here’s how-

  • Mobile-based education apps increase the interactivity and engagement– Unlike the conventional methodology of learning, which only involves rote learning and reading books and writing notes, mobile-based learning has discussion forums and groups that help the learners to connect with each other and engage them whilst making the education process interactive.
  • Mobile-based education apps make the learning process fun– Learning Management System for mobiles can add the gamification feature with badges and trophies- synchronized with quizzes that would help them reach the final level of completion of the course. 
  • Mobile-based education apps are accessible 24X7– The best part of mobile-based education is that it has the “on-the-go” learning feature, which means it can be accessed from anytime, even at odd hours during the day, and from any part of the world. People who have their day job can also do a course without their job getting affected by it. 
  • Mobile-based education apps create a better understanding of the subject– It has features like AR, VR, Video, Audio, helping both visual and auditory learners. Moreover, students these days have a short attention span, so instead of lengthy lectures, the students watch these videos that are short and crisp to help them get a better grasp in the subject-matter. 
  • Mobile-based education apps help the students catch up with outside-the-box knowledge- Human brains are constantly evolving. So, students these days are able to catch up the knowledge of coding, graphic designing, etc. very easily, which they are devoid of learning in their curriculum. 
  • Mobile-based education apps help to publish instant results of exams– With integrated AI, teachers don’t need to go through the hassle of checking each and every paper one by one. It can be done instantly, and thus, the students can be provided with their results the very day of their examination. 
  • Mobile-based education apps offer personalized learning– It is not always feasible for the teacher to give individual attention to each and every student. However, using a mobile app like Udemy offers personalized and one-on-one assistance that is impossible for an instructor to achieve in a classroom of 30-40 students or more. But, with mobile apps based education, this has become possible. 



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